Cannes is one of the most popular resorts on the French Riviera. Along with Saint-Tropez, this French city in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region is one of the most attractive places for luxury holidays. The famous Boulevard Croisette with its elite boutiques and luxury hotels stretches along the sandy coast.

Mostly private beaches are located here, with the exception of two public ones, which are located at both ends of the embankment. The beach on the western side is free to visit. It is closest to the city center and the Palais des Festivals.
For relaxation, tourists can choose one of the many beaches in Cannes; we will tell you about the best of them below.

Beaches of Cannes

Beach of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes


The beach of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes (la Plage du Palais des Festivals) is located between the Croisette, the Palais of Festivals and the harbor. This is one of the few public beaches in the city center and the most central beach. At certain times of the year, various events are held here (for example, during the Cannes Film Festival). This is one of the most popular beaches in Cannes, very close to the Croisette and the city center with many shops and restaurants.

The gentle entrance to the sea is ideal for swimming with children. The only drawback of this beach is the lack of free parking. The cost of paid car parking is about 2.7 euros per hour.

Beach of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes on the map:

Large beach in Cannes overlooking the Esterel – Midi


Midi Beach in Cannes (la Plage du Midi) is located a little further from the port of Cannes towards Mandelieu la Napoule. This public sandy beach extends to Cannes de la Bocca with magnificent views of l’Estérel. The beach is less crowded than Croisette Beach and offers beautiful views of the Iles de Lérins. There are restaurants and cafes near Midi, and on the beach itself there is a beach volleyball court. During the season, Midi Beach is under the supervision of the coast guard. In the Old Port (Vieux-Port) paid parking is available, but there are also free parking spaces along the road – Boulevard Jean Hibert and Boulevard de Midi.

Midi Beach in Cannes on the map:

Beach de la Source in Cannes

10-luchshikh-plyazhey-kann-la-plage-de-la- source.jpg

Plage de la Source is one of the least known and best beaches in Cannes. This small sandy beach is located east of the resort, at the end of boulevard Eugène Gazagnaire, towards Juan les Pins. To get to this beach, you need to go down the stairs located behind a small parking lot near the shoreline, intended for several cars. There are a few trees on the beach, in the shade of which you can hide on hot days. Holidays on this beach in Cannes are preferred by those who avoid crowds of tourists and are indifferent to seaweed.

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Gazagnier beach in Cannes

La plage Gazagnaire stretches along the Pointe Croisette along the boulevard Eugène Gazagnaire to the small port. This public sandy beach is especially attractive because it has ample free parking near Palm Beach.

During the season, the central part of this beach is under surveillance. It is quite narrow and located quite close to the road, which is why families with children need to keep them under supervision. Even during the high season, there are few vacationers on this Cannes beach. There are several restaurants and cafes in Gazania. Visitors are also offered water activities such as pedal boats, which can be rented.

Gazagnier beach in Cannes on the map:

Public beach in Cannes – Palm Beach


Palm Beach in Cannes is a public beach on the outskirts of Pointe Croisette. It is divided into two zones. The area closest to the parking lot and Pointe Croisette is partly occupied by a private beach. This is not the most attractive swimming area.

The second part of Palm Beach (located below the private beach) is wider and more pleasant. This small sandy beach has several trees, in the shade of which you can hide in the heat. From here you have a wonderful view of the Lérins Islands. The road is not very close, which is important for those vacationing with children.

  • Disadvantages of Palm Beach: There are small rocks on the beach, which requires some caution.
  • Advantages: large free parking.

Palm Beach in Cannes on the map:

Beach in Cannes with sandy coves – Bijou Beach


The public sandy beach of Cannes, Bijou-Plage, is located directly in front of Palm Beach, which starts in the center of Cannes and borders le Port Pierre Canto. This beach consists of two small sandy bays and is located on a gentle slope, which is convenient for children to swim. The road is located to the side, which relieves vacationers from constant noise.

This Cannes beach is very picturesque. It offers beautiful views of the Lérins Islands. Please note that Bijou Beach has a non-smoking area. There are also beach cafes where you can grab a bite to eat and pedal boats for rent. This Cannes beach is supervised during the season.

During the summer months, a platform for people with disabilities is equipped on the left side of the beach. Between the two bays there is a pontoon where vacationers take sunbathing. There is ample free parking near this Cannes beach.

Bijou Beach on the map:

The most popular beach in Cannes is La Croisette Est.

10-luchshikh-plyazhey-kann cruazed.jpg

The eastern part of Croisette Beach (La plage de la Croisette Est) is adjacent to the Carlton Hotel and extends to le Port Pierre Canto, which is opposite the city center. One of the main landmarks can be considered the Martinez Hotel, located in the central part of Croisette Beach.

There are practically no free and public beach areas in the Croisette area. The area open to everyone is located just at the very end of La plage de la Croisette Est. Another part of the Croisette coastal area is reserved for private beaches with paid entrance. La plage de la Croisette Est is one of the most popular beaches in Cannes. There are snack bars and a ramp for people with disabilities.

Cannes Croisette Est beach on the map:

Nudist beach in Cannes – Naturiste de la batterie

10-luchshikh-plyazhey-kann-naturiste-de-la batterie.jpg

Holidays on the beach of Cannes de la Batrie (lage Naturiste de la batterie) are preferred by those who love the proximity of nature. We are talking about a nudist beach, the only one in Cannes.

Beach de la Batrie consists of three parts. The first part is located at the exit from the tunnel and is the largest (although this is a very conventional designation, its width is only 20 meters). Strewn with sand and pebbles, this beach offers a wonderful place to relax overlooking the bay of Juan les Pins (la baie de Juan les Pins). However, the part of the beach is not the quietest of the three. Go down the stairs to the left and follow the dirt road to two small but charming coves with pleasant fine sand. Beach de la Batrie is located on the provincial road between Golfe Juan and Cannes itself (Avenue Maréchal Juin).

Naturiste de la batterie beach on the map:

The best beaches in Cannes on the island of Sainte Marguerite


By boat, holidaymakers can reach some of the best beaches in Cannes, which are located on the beautiful island of Sainte Marguerite (l’Ile Sainte Marguerite), the largest of the Iles de Lérins. 15 minutes by boat and you will reach a place that few people know about.

On the island, among small bays, there are small wild beaches with crystal clear water and a fairly diverse underwater world for this area. Don’t forget to bring your mask, fins and snorkel to enjoy an amazing holiday close to nature. In addition to visiting the wild beaches, tourists can also stroll around the island or visit the royal fort.

Sainte Marguerite Island on the map:

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