+31 projects in 3 months: rating of the best new buildings in Moscow

According to Move.ru analysts, projects for more than 30 new buildings started in July-September. Which capital real estate will be the most attractive to investors?

Despite the summer turbulence, the real estate market showed strong growth. In the 3rd quarter list of new buildings was replenished with several dozen projects. If in 2019 there were only 18 of them, then in July-September 2020 there were already 31. The growth exceeded 70%. The business and premium segments were replenished with 12 objects (6 for each class). Anna Boim, commercial director of the A101 group of companies, comments on the situation:

“Now we are seeing an increase in the activity of developers. In nine months of 2019, only one project appeared, in the same period of 2020 – already four. Among them are 2 multi-storey buildings in Residential complex “Prokshino”. Soon GC “A101” will present 12 more buildings in Residential complex “Spanish Quarters”. Volumes have increased as the market has been able to adapt.”

Interesting fact! Despite the replenishment of the assortment, the overall supply of apartments has decreased. In the third quarter, developers sold about 43,000 apartments, a year ago – 51,900 objects. The number of apartments has decreased the most business class – from 20,000 to 14,900.

3 factors that changed the real estate market

According to experts Move.ruthe increase in the number of new buildings in the capital is caused by a number of reasons:

1. Exit from quarantine. At the end of the summer, almost all restrictions were lifted. Developers have launched projects that were planned to be launched six months ago.

2. Subsidizing rates. New support measures have come into force. We are talking about subsidized mortgage rates, as well as changes in project financing.

3. Adaptation to reforms. Let us remind you that the shared-equity construction reform has been in effect for almost two years. In the first months there was a decrease in the activity of developers. Today, most have adapted to new requirements and began to increase their pace.

Review of new products on the Moscow real estate market for July-September 2020

Analysts from the Move.ru portal, the main guide in the real estate industry, present a detailed overview of new projects along with prices, area and other valuable information. For ease of information perception, a rating of the most attractive objects in the categories of “comfort”, “business”, “premium” and “elite class” was compiled.

The best comfort-class apartments in Moscow

As many as 16 objects appeared in this segment. The most attractive look:

1.Residential complex “Amur Park”, Cherkizovskaya metro station. Cost – from 5.39 million rubles, developer – PIK group of companies. The house with underground parking will consist of 4 buildings, the number of floors will be 17-33. It will have like huge apartments with an area of ​​93 square meters. m., and smart housing from 19 sq.m.

2.Prokshino. The new building is impressive in its scale – more than 700,000 sq. m. m. Solid monolithic houses can be safely classified even as business class thanks to the use of modern materials and high ceilings (more than 3 meters). Number of floors – 16-18 floors, apartment area – from 21 sq. m. m. Compared to competitors, residential real estate looks very attractive. In addition, the cost of apartments starts at 4.86 million rubles.

Interesting business class options

In the segment business class real estate from such developers as Level Group, INGRAD, GC MIC is presented. An interesting housing option is offered by the developer “Koldi”. Residential complex Kazakov Grand Loft (Kurskaya metro station) will consist of one 11-story building and 283 apartments costing from 9.9 million rubles. Designed in a loft style, the ceiling height is 3.3 meters. The area of ​​the premises, which reaches 100 square meters, deserves special attention. m. The house will be built using monolithic frame technology, underground parking for 129 cars and interior decoration are provided.

Premium class apartments

It will be possible to purchase premium apartments from developers such as MR Group, Hutton Development, Center-Invest, etc. Reservation of apartments in a residential complex SLAVA (MR Group) has already begun. The area of ​​luxury housing is from 24 to 98 m2, the type of building is monolithic brick. Future residents have at their disposal an underground parking with 253 spaces, developed infrastructure and a large green area.

Elite new buildings 2020

Elite class real estate will appear in Khamovniki (2 properties from Invest Stroy and Insolver) and the Tagansky district of Moscow (INSIGMA). At the address Neopalimovsky lane. 3 construction of a club house is planned High Garden. There are only 6 floors and 39 apartments, each of which is exclusive. Housing area – from 68 to 210 square meters. m, ceiling height is 3.6 m.

Review results

Investing in capital real estate is confidence in the future and one of the most effective ways to generate income. In the last 3 months there has been an increase in prices for new buildings in Moscow. This trend will continue in the next few years. Despite a slight decrease in demand for apartments during quarantine, the cost of 1 sq. m of living space continues to increase. Developers believe that new housing will be in demand, as evidenced by the rapid growth of new buildings. Therefore, potential buyers have a chance to find liquid housing at an attractive price among a large number of offers.

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