Air-conditioning of living space in a new house: recommendations from experts

What needs to be taken into account when air-conditioning an apartment after moving to a new house? Living space in new buildings is attractive to those who are potentially able to purchase it. It’s not just like that. The projects of modern housing complexes take into account current trends, and attention is paid not only to the layout of the apartment and the material. Additionally, landscaping of the area next to the new house is being carried out, ensuring the comfort and safety of the residents who will soon move in.

One of the important components for such facilities has become the air conditioning system – this concept currently includes ventilation, heating, preparation of hot water for domestic use and air conditioning. Experts who understand the real estate market point out that today apartments in housing complexes of a new format, called “city within a city” or “Live-Work-Play”, are in particular demand.

As a complement to the residential areas, a general infrastructure is being built that allows you not to even leave your own residential complex to purchase everyday goods, groceries and for other purposes. Despite the fact that the cost of apartments in such residential complexes is higher than in houses built earlier, they are increasingly attracting potential owners. Some housing complexes have a common lobby with a café and a seating area, creating additional amenities for those living in the house and for guests. All this requires high-quality and reliable climate control equipment.

Air conditioning

Systems used for air conditioning of residential complexes

In those residential complexes that are currently being built (primarily in the “premium” and “comfort” classes), centralized climate systems are being installed, making it possible to provide comfort not only in residential premises, but also in common areas. This factor is especially important when the housing complex is multifunctional, namely, it has:

  • fitness rooms;
  • preschool institutions;
  • cafe;
  • the shops.

Residents must take care of the special atmosphere inside the apartment themselves to achieve the best effect. When equipping apartments, experts recommend choosing only equipment that is energy efficient, which will make it possible not only to provide comfort, but also to reduce overall maintenance costs. Such climate systems can guarantee comfort inside the house, regardless of the time of year.

Apartments with a small area can use split systems, and living spaces with several rooms can use multi-split systems. Manufacturers also provide an option for penthouses and multi-level dwellings, which are called mini-VRV systems. If you yourself need to ensure comfort inside your apartment, contact professionals who, based on the housing parameters, will determine the best option for the air conditioning system. It is necessary to know the area, the purpose of each room in the apartment, the number of people living inside, the height of the ceiling, the size of the windows and even the orientation to the cardinal direction.

Installation difficulties

During the installation of air conditioning systems in residential complexes, specialists encountered problems that made installation difficult:

  • minimum amount of free space for utilities in general – ventilation and heating shafts are made with a minimum cross-section;
  • lack of technical balconies and premises;
  • a small area of ​​land allocated for the construction of a house – the proximity of neighboring buildings, which does not provide enough space for placing outdoor units.

All of the above leads to the need to install climate control equipment in the upper part of the building, which is rarely a good solution due to the unjustified increase in systems and a reduction in the overall service life of the equipment. The main cause of breakdowns is the presence of obstacles to the return of oil to the compressor, and this leads to breakdown of the last element.

Recommendations for installing air conditioning systems

To eliminate the occurrence of problems in a residential complex, it is best to proceed as follows:

  • do not use large single systems with high power for several floors without special need;
  • you cannot install the external unit high relative to the internal ones if it is not possible to install it on the same floor;
  • It is recommended to install a single air conditioning system only if there is a guarantee of immediate commissioning.

The best option for those who want to provide comfortable conditions for themselves and other residents of the house is to contact professionals who will inspect the entire facility. Based on this, they will select the optimal system that will last as long as possible with proper maintenance in the future.

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