Another sale of housing in Spain at competitive prices

In Spain, about 450 units of residential real estate, including apartments, houses and duplexes, are put up for sale from BBVA Bank. The cost of real estate located in different parts of Spain is less than 60,000 euros per property. A number of apartments are valued at 30,000 euros. In addition, you can get a mortgage from the mentioned bank. For example, in Andalusia, in the town of Bailen, an apartment of 79 square meters is for sale. m, with 3 bedrooms, a kitchen and a balcony. It is located in a house built in the 70s. The cost is estimated at 19,100 euros. Good properties can be found in Castellon or Torrevieja.

Almost all of the real estate at one time ended up on the balance sheet of BBVA as a result of non-payment of debts by the previous owners.

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