Apartment prices in Montenegro have increased by 40% over the past 2 years

Despite deteriorating credit conditions and rising costs of living, housing prices in Podgorica continue to rise. High demand and inflation, as well as the influx of foreign capital, stimulate growth in real estate prices. In and around the city block, the average price per square meter in one-room apartments is 2,150 euros, in the center a meter is valued at 1,950 euros, in Preko Morace – 1,900 euros, in Stari Aerodrom -1,600 euros, and in Zabiello – 1,550 euros. The construction sector, which essentially stood idle during the pandemic, is trying to make up for lost time, but it is now hardly possible to close the gap between supply and demand.

One of the problems of the real estate market is the lack of tracking of market trends in Montenegro, since there are no price registers and official reports on the state of the market, and there is practically no publicly available information on the number of purchases, closed prices and the total value of the market.

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