Apartments in panel houses in the Czech Republic make up 45% of the market, but at the same time they have never been in the top popularity among buyers

Now a square meter in such a house is estimated to be thousands of crowns cheaper than in an old brick house, the difference with new buildings can be millions. In 2022, almost 52,900 apartments were sold, of which 23,800 were apartments in panel buildings. The capital of the Czech Republic sold the most of them – 5,900.

The average cost of a furnished apartment in Prague in 2022 reached 111,000 CZK per square meter, the average price of a new building is about 150,000 CZK. At the same time, panel apartments are more spacious, and those that were built in the 70s have a kitchen in the form of a separate room. The cheapest “sockets” can be bought in the Karlovy Vary and Usti regions – about 29,000 CZK per square meter.

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