One of the most famous Spanish resorts is the city of Benidorm, located in the province of Alicante. The proximity of the international airport and good bus connections to almost all major cities of the country contribute to a massive influx of both foreign citizens and residents of other regions of Spain.

It is no coincidence that Benidorm is often called the “tourist capital of the Costa Blanca”, as well as the “Spanish Manhattan”, although the city is impressive not for its size, but for its unusual architecture for Spain – a large number of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings of an ornate shape, which almost all areas of Benidorm have.

Popular areas of Benidorm

Officially, Benidorm includes three large districts: Levante, Center or Old Town and Poniente, although the actual city limits do not end there, but are continued in the form of two small “enclaves” belonging to other settlements, but located at a decent distance from them: Cala de Finestrat and Cala de Villajoyosa. Since each of them is closely adjacent to each other, and Benidorm city buses certainly pass through them, these areas can easily be classified as the “tourist capital” itself, and not its suburbs.

Benidorm area – Levante

The most famous, vibrant and at the same time unusual area of ​​​​Benidorm, which received the name zona guiri from local residents – that is, “stranger zone”. And in the quarter called Rincón de Loix, the justice of this name is visible to the naked eye: the vast majority of bars and restaurants offer a classic English selection, and their customers are 80 percent subjects of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Dutch church here also comes as no surprise to anyone, since the diversity of the diaspora has long been the hallmark of Levante, which is unlike any other area of ​​​​Benidorm. Although, of course, the British have no equal here not only in terms of mass participation, but also in many other indicators, including noise level and the frequency of clashes with the police.

At the same time, the lion’s share of the local entertainment industry is concentrated in the Levant – the Aqualandia water park and the Aqua Natura zoo, the only casino in the area – Casino Mediterraneo, the Benidorm Palace concert and entertainment hall, where the most popular Spanish and foreign performers often perform, and a water skiing attraction for both amateurs and professionals, and a myriad of discos and nightclubs.

On Wednesdays and Sundays, at a short distance, the largest market in Benidorm is located, where they sell not only clothing and agricultural products, but also handicrafts.

The matter is not limited to entertainment, since in a more or less quiet place the prestigious private school Lope de Vega is located, which from year to year consistently ranks among the best schools in the Valencian community. In general, Levante could claim the title of “the best area of ​​​​Benidorm”, if not for the dominance of alcohol-prone Britons and… concrete slabs at the entrance to the water on the beach, stretching for a hundred meters and ending with a three-meter deep cliff.

Benidorm area – Center (Centro, Ciutat Vella)

All the main commercial establishments that sell goods from world famous brands are located in the center of Benidorm, where there is everything not only for shopping, but also for gastronomic tourism. In a fairly small area there are numerous bars representing the cuisine of Asturias, Galicia, the Basque Country and other autonomous communities of Spain.

At the same time, this area of ​​​​Benidorm is not entirely commercial or touristic, since the main government institutions are concentrated here (Administration, Police Headquarters, Social Security Service, etc.), and at the same time all the main holidays and celebrations organized by the authorities – and not only, they take place here, mainly in L’Aiguera Park.

Of course, the center of Benidorm abounds with hotels and apartments for rent, although it should be borne in mind that these are largely suitable for those who do not intend to spend the majority of their free time within four walls.

On the coast, in addition to the small beach with crystal clear water Mal Pas, there is an observation deck, as well as a small port. At a distance from the sea – on the one hand, it seems decent, on the other, easily surmountable on foot – there is the final station of the tram, a kind of two-car hybrid of a tram and an electric train. Not far from it is the Foyetes sports complex, where several children’s football sections operate, and in the summer a football camp named after Guillermo Amor, the most famous player from Benidorm, is organized.

The bus station is also located in the central area of ​​Benidorm, but getting to it on foot is far from the best idea; For this there are taxis or city buses. This station is equipped with the latest technology, and in the same building there is a very budget hotel, a Mercadona supermarket, several small shops, a bar and a fitness center.

Best areas of Benidorm


Many Spaniards born and raised in this city believe that the best area of ​​​​Benidorm is Poniente. It has all the infrastructure necessary for a comfortable life, although most residential buildings are located at a decent distance from the beach, and the first line is usually occupied by hotels. At the same time, the length of the local beach is much longer than in the Levant, not to mention the rest, and you can find a place at a considerable distance from your neighbors even at the height of the holiday season.

It is no coincidence that the famous Gran Bali hotel is located in this area, where various international events are held – in particular, dance and chess competitions, as well as parties “for those who are in favor”, where you can see elderly pensioners dancing and enjoying life. over 70. Previously, it was Bali that was considered the symbol of the city, but later this title went to the InTempо skyscraper, one of the five tallest in Spain. However, the fate of this building in the shape of the letter M is still unclear, despite the fact that its construction and decoration have been going on for many years.

At the same time, no matter how densely built up the Benidorm Poniente area was, there was still room here for a new luxury real estate project called Delfín Tower, which will clearly differ from the surrounding buildings and is designed for clients with an income level much higher than the average. In addition, not so long ago the “deal of the century” took place, as it was called in Spain, according to which in the coming years all the vacant lots on Poniente will be built up – and not just with houses, offices and shops. In this case, the population of this city, where less than 80 thousand people are registered and even fewer permanent residents, will exceed half a million in the summer.

Quite often one comes across the opinion that the best areas of Benidorm, which are not officially part of it, are Cala de Finestrat and Cala de la Villajoyosa. As practice shows, they are usually chosen by lovers of peace and quiet, who are primarily interested in nature, ecology, and to the least extent – bars and discos. It is in this part of the city that representatives of many countries of Eastern Europe (mainly Bulgaria, Romania, Poland) and former Soviet republics (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova) prefer to settle, and even one of the “Russian stores” called “Baltika” settled here .

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