At school No. 1392 in the New Vatutinki district, programming training starts in December.

KIBERone school classes have become available for young residents of the area. Since December 2023, at school No. 1392 named after. D.V. In the Ryabinkina district of New Vatutinki, children have the opportunity to attend programming classes. The organizer of digital education was CYBERschool, the world champion in the field of digital education for children, according to the UN General Assembly and UNESCO based on the results of the international competition WSIS Prizes 2020.

During the classes, children will be taught the most modern IT areas: designing 3D models, programming artificial intelligence and virtual reality, studying neural networks, developing applications, creating cartoons and editing videos.

The program is designed for students from 7 to 14 years old, classes will be held face-to-face in the building of school No. 1392 in the New Vatutinki district on Saturdays. Instead of computer science teachers, there are professional software developers here. More detailed information on the CYBERschool program is available on the Moscow Mayor’s portal

“Programming can become a promising direction for schoolchildren in our district, because now the field of information technology is one of the fastest growing industries, and IT specialists are in demand in the labor market more than ever,” says Oleg Kravtsiv, CEO of the ROST company, which manages the development of the New project Vatutinki.

The district’s schools have a huge selection of clubs in various areas. Among others, in the field of Computer Science there are group classes in computer technology and robotics, as well as Lego architecture, computer science in games and tasks, and many others. With the opening of the CYBER programming school, the list of clubs and sections has become wider, and parents and their children can choose the optimal specialization. New knowledge and skills will allow children to spend time using gadgets usefully.

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