At the end of 2019, the cost of housing in the “city within a city” format remained virtually unchanged

As reported in the analytical department of the mini-city SVITLO PARK, at the end of 2019, the average price in Kiev comfort class objects of the “city within a city” format remained virtually unchanged: the annual growth was 0.2% and reached 21,642 UAH/m2.

Housing costs 2019

According to A. Panfilov, the stability of prices during 2019 (fluctuations averaged 0.5-0.7% monthly) was mainly caused by the fact that new properties with starting prices went on sale in the complex development segment of the “city within a city” format for apartments 15% below the market average.

“Thus, during the year three new properties went on sale, setting low prices at the start – from 16,000 – 17,000 UAH/m2. This, in turn, adjusted the overall average annual price per m2,” the expert emphasized.

Regarding forecasts for 2020, Alexander Panfilov believes, taking into account the increase in construction costs, a possible weakening of the hryvnia to 27 UAH/USD. and a reduction in the number of new projects on the market, prices could rise by 12%.

“We can already say that in 2020 the cost of construction will increase by at least 10%. In addition, the State Budget sets an exchange rate of 27 UAH per US dollar, which could lead to an increase in prices on the primary housing market,” concluded Alexander Panfilov.

SVITLO PARK specialists analyzed 13 residential complexes in the “city within a city” format being built in Kyiv (the deadline for commissioning is until the fourth quarter of 2025).

The study includes comfort-class facilities that provide for the creation of a full-fledged infrastructure complex, occupying at least 20% of the total area of ​​the site.

Also, the criterion for selecting residential complexes for the study is the total living area of ​​the object (at least 250 thousand m2).


The SVITLO PARK residential complex is being built on the border of the Pechersky and Goloseevsky districts of the capital, on a plot of 20.2 hectares (2-A Naddnepryanskoye Highway St.). The construction customer is Equilibrium Trade LLC.

This project includes 23 residential buildings ranging from 10 to 26 floors. The total living area of ​​SVITLO PARK will be more than 500,000 m2. The area of ​​non-residential (commercial) premises will be more than 50,000 m2. The total number of apartments in SVITLO PARK is 7554 with areas ranging from 28 to 168.2 m2. Houses are built using monolithic frame technology with insulated facades.

The project provides for the creation of a self-sufficient multifunctional infrastructure, which will include a large supermarket, a sports club with a swimming pool, spacious underground and surface parking lots, seven kindergartens, a secondary school, many small shops, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, dry cleaners, post offices and banks, pharmacies, veterinary clinic, 12 playgrounds for children of different age groups, areas for walking pets, alleys, lounge and barbecue areas, stroller rooms and much more.

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