Basic criteria when buying a home

When a person plans to purchase residential real estate, he does not always pay attention to the fundamental points when choosing square meters. Which can cause a lot of inconvenience in the future. In this article we will look at all the factors that need to be taken into account when buying an apartment or house.

Home selection


It should be remembered that “free cheese only comes in a mousetrap.” The price of living space should be within reason; if it is very low, then the conditions for a normal life may be completely absent. You should not conclude a deal based only on the photograph; it is better to check the condition of the apartment in person.

In order to avoid falling into the hands of fraudsters, individuals turn to specialized companies that deal with the selection of real estate and preparation of documentation. If the cost of a home is low, you should carefully understand the reason for this phenomenon. Check all the documentation provided yourself.

Territorial location

The location of future housing is one of the key factors. The client should pay attention to the transport interchange, the degree of distance from the minibus or bus stop. Are there social institutions within walking distance: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, banks?

Type of house and year of construction

The realtor does not advise purchasing housing in old buildings, as there is a high risk of being left without housing in the near future. Stalinka apartments are too compact; they have a small kitchen, narrow corridors and a small hallway. Most buildings of this type do not meet modern standards. However, the price of apartments in such buildings is low.

Condition of the entrance and appearance of the facade

For the buyer, it will not be enough to see only a photo of the apartment; to choose a living space, one should become familiar with the condition of the entrance and the appearance of the facade. If the entrance is dirty, with crumbling cladding, and the building has never been restored, then this proposal does not even pass the first stage of consideration. Most often, in such a building, residents are faced with a permanent non-working elevator.

Condition of the apartment

All people have different tastes, so an apartment with cosmetic renovations without all sorts of redevelopment is more valued. It is ready to move in and you can gradually remodel all the rooms to suit your needs. In addition, such living space will not cause problems from utility services.

View from the window

View from the window

Not everyone will like it when one can observe the working process of a factory from a window or balcony: clouds of smoke or an unpleasant smell. Or, if the house is located near a railway station, market, roadway. Extraneous noise negatively affects the sleep process and affects a person’s psychological state.

Location of the apartment in a multi-storey building

Everyone knows that apartments on the first and last floor are in low demand, so their prices are much lower and there are more problems. Residents may experience roof leaks or seasonal basement flooding. And due to interruptions in the operation of the elevator, from time to time you have to climb to the 9th floor under your own power. In new buildings such problems do not arise.

Ecological state of the area

If you are planning to buy a house or apartment, then think about your health. It is better to buy housing away from industrial enterprises, landfills, farms, meat plants, chemical plants and transport interchanges, but near a park area. It’s better to spend an extra couple of years collecting the necessary amount of money than to suffer all your life.

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