The capital of the Alpes-Maritimes department on the French Riviera and one of the favorite resorts of the Romanov imperial family, the charming city of Nice is today a developed tourist center in Europe, and in addition, the second city in France in terms of foreign investment.

Nice’s 11 districts, most of them hilly, offer a variety of property types, from small studios to luxurious mansions with stunning sea views.

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District of Nice Saint-Pancras-Pessicart (Saint-Pancrace-Pessicart)

The greenest district of Nice, Saint-Pancras-Pessicard, is located in the north of the city on the high hill of the same name. From a height of 350 meters there is a magnificent view of Nice, the sea and the Mercantour mountains of the Alpine massif.

This is a quiet and peaceful area, built up with private villas and mansions. There are almost no shops or cafes here, so having a car will allow you to live comfortably in this area of ​​Nice.

The average price for real estate in this area of ​​Nice is 4,200 € per m².

Nice Saint-Pancras-Pessicard district on the map:

Nice area Mont Boron


The eastern part of the city of Nice is especially famous for the prestigious Mont Boron district, which is located on a hill. First of all, this area of ​​Nice attracts with its magnificent views of the sea, but this is not all its advantages. Another advantage is the forest area of ​​57 hectares located on its territory, which opens up opportunities for residents of Mont Boron to exercise and take walks in the fresh air.

This area of ​​Nice is quiet and cozy. There are not many restaurants or bars here, and noisy life is in full swing away from Mont Boron – in the city center.

Investors here can be attracted by both comfortable apartments and luxurious luxury villas with private swimming pools, tennis courts and other pleasant bonuses, which ensure complete comfort during their stay.

The average price for real estate in this area of ​​Nice is 6,100 € per m².

Nice Mont Boron district on the map:

Nice area Cap de Nice (Nice Cape – Cap de Nice)


This area of ​​Nice, attractive for living and investment, is located on the very coast, between the port and Mont Boron. Comfortable and cozy, with many fashionable shops, the quiet quarter of Cap de Nice is lined with luxurious residences overlooking the famous Baie des Anges. The average price for real estate in this area of ​​Nice is 6,700€ per m².

Nice Cap-de-Nice district on the map:

Nice area Port Lympia

This name refers both to the port itself and to the quarter that adjoins it. This area of ​​Nice is located quite close to the Promenade des Anglais and the old town, which affects the high tourist demand for apartment rentals in Port Lympia. Porte Lympia is a chic and lively area of ​​Nice with charming pedestrian streets, a recently launched tram line, a strip of green space stretching from Place Massena to Place Garibaldi and excellent opportunities for investment in authentic housing. The average price for real estate in this area of ​​Nice is 5800€ per m².

Nice Port Lympia district on the map:

Promenade des Anglais (La Promenade des Anglais)


The heart of Nice, the Promenade des Anglais, 7 km long, starts from the Pont Napoleon III and ends at the Quai des États-Unis. Many people are looking to buy property in this area of ​​Nice due to the proximity to shops, restaurants, transport and historical monuments such as the Negresco Palace. The average price for real estate in this area of ​​Nice is 5,500 € per m².

Promenade des Anglais in Nice on the map:

Old Nice (Vieux Nice)

If you are considering buying an investment property in a vibrant youth area, then you should pay attention to the historical city center. The narrow, winding streets are noisy from morning to night, but against this background there is a big advantage: the Old Nice district is the epicenter of nightlife and tourist life. There are numerous bars, restaurants, the main market square of the city, Cours Saleya, and ancient houses of the 16th century. The area is located just 5 minutes from the sea. The most expensive real estate in Old Nice is located in the Ponchettes beach area. The windows of most houses located here offer beautiful views of the sea. The average price for real estate in this area of ​​Nice is €5,900 per m².

Old Nice district on the map:

Nice district Cimiez

The Nice district of Cimiez is located on the hill of the same name northeast of the city center. This is another fashionable, calm and green quarter of the city with beautiful views that open from the windows of local houses. The calm nature of the area, the proximity of the center, the presence of prestigious schools, and the beautiful Liserb park make this area of ​​Nice especially attractive for wealthy families. The average price for real estate in this area of ​​Nice is 5,000€ per m².

Nice Cimiez district on the map:

District of Nice Carré d’0r (French: Golden Square)


One of the best areas of Nice, the so-called “Golden Square”, is attractive because it is located as close as possible to the beach – no more than 10 minutes walk. The developed infrastructure of the area, a wide variety of restaurants and shops, and proximity to the sea affect the cost of housing. The average price for real estate in this area of ​​Nice is €6,300 per m².

Nice Carré d’Or district on the map:

Nice district Musiciens

Most of the streets in this area of ​​Nice are named after famous musicians, hence the name – Musiciens (translated from French as “musicians”). If Belle Époque style houses appeal to you, then you will love housing in this part of the city. This quarter is especially famous for the architecture of that period (1860-1914).

Very close to the beach. All the necessary infrastructure is at your service, and housing prices are lower than in the Golden Square area. The average price for real estate in this area of ​​Nice is 4,600€ per m².

Nice Musisienne district on the map:

Fabron district of Nice


Another area of ​​Nice, which is located on a hill on the seashore. From here you can easily reach the Promenade des Anglais and major shopping centers. Fabron is located close to the motorways connecting Cannes to Monaco. This area of ​​Nice is ideal for those who want to enjoy the beautiful views that can be enjoyed from most of the terraced condominium houses with their own swimming pools and private parking, which is quite difficult to find in the city center. The average price for real estate in this area of ​​Nice is 4,500€ per m².

Nice Fabron district on the map:

Nice Liberation district

This area of ​​Nice, located north of Avenue Jean-Médecin, is also attractive for investment. Tram lines, markets with fresh fruit and vegetables, proximity to necessary shops, and the recently renovated Gare du Sud make it possible to live comfortably in this part of the city of Nice.
This area of ​​Nice is undergoing active development. Soon it will have numerous shops, cinemas, a sports center, restaurants and an indoor market with its own parking for 700 spaces. Therefore, real estate prices will rise. The average price for real estate in this area of ​​Nice is 3,500€ per m².

Nice Liberation district on the map:

There are also disadvantaged areas in Nice, in which you should be careful and prudent when searching for housing. First of all, we are talking about the northeastern region of Nice Ariane and the southwestern region of Saint-Augustin. These neighborhoods have a lot of social housing, a lot of immigrants and crime.

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