Blue Card in the Czech Republic

One of the grounds for granting Russians a temporary residence permit in the Czech Republic is the conclusion of an employment contract with a local employer or company that is based in this country and pays taxes to the local treasury. This option is to obtain a so-called “blue card” in the Czech Republic, which is provided to highly qualified specialists and members of their families.

What is a “blue card” for foreigners in the Czech Republic

The “blue card” has analogues in other countries of the European Union (for example, the “blue card” in Spain), and it provides a number of advantages – first of all, in reducing and facilitating the bureaucratic procedures associated with obtaining a work permit and long-term ( more than 183 days per year) stay in the Czech Republic. The main and, perhaps, the only difficulty is finding an organization that is experiencing a shortage of local personnel for a certain specialty and is ready to hire a foreigner with a high level of qualifications and sufficient experience. In such cases, a labor card in the Czech Republic is a mutually beneficial solution for the parties concerned.

As a rule, obtaining a “blue card” in the Czech Republic does not pose any serious difficulties, provided that there is an employer interested in the services of a foreigner, unless we are talking about medical workers. In this case, the Czech consulate located at the applicant’s place of residence and the Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs do not create any obstacles for him, since they are no less interested in the arrival and employment of a highly qualified specialist.

The procedure for obtaining a “blue card” of the Czech Republic


However, in addition to signing a preliminary contract with the employer, there are a number of mandatory conditions that an applicant for a blue card must meet. To obtain a Czech labor card, the main applicant will need the following documents:

  • homologation of a diploma of higher education with a list of subjects studied and academic hours, which confirms the qualifications of the chosen specialty. The dissertation certificate of a candidate or doctor of science will certainly play an additional role, as well as letters of recommendation from previous employers;
  • signing a contract with the employer for a period that is at least 3 months less than the expected validity of the “labor card” in the Czech Republic, and the salary is 1.5 times higher than the average in this Central European country;
  • If members of his family are going to the Czech Republic with the future “blue card” holder, then you should collect documents for them, make a notarized translation into Czech and submit them to the Czech Embassy, ​​provided they are in the territory of your country. Subsequently, these documents are sent for more detailed verification to the Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • a copy of a valid international passport and all Schengen visas affixed to it;
  • two modern biometric photographs 3.5 x 4.5 cm (from the spouse and children, if any);
  • an extract from a bank account in the Russian Federation, certified by the official seal of the bank, and a plastic bank card;
  • registration of Czech medical insurance policies, which can be done remotely after you are allowed to receive a “work card” of the Czech Republic;
  • within three working days upon arrival in the country, you must register (register) at your future place of residence, and also go to the police to submit the biometric data required to issue a “blue card”, which, after additional checks, will be issued two months later;
  • If over the next two years the Russian, as well as any other holder of the Czech Blue Card, is not brought to criminal liability, and also retains his previous job, then he will receive a new document valid for the same two years. In the vast majority of cases, the next renewal of a residence permit in the Czech Republic for holders of “labor cards” takes place without any incidents.

A certificate of no criminal record is one of the most important documents in order to obtain a “labor card” of the Czech Republic, although it is equally important that the Russian applicant for it and his future employer can prove that the vacant job position, due to his qualifications, cannot be filled by any indigenous person. resident nor immigrant from another country.

Advantages of having a “blue card” in the Czech Republic


Of course, having a “blue card” in the Czech Republic allows its holder not only to stay in the country for at least two years and during this time to freely move around the European Union, but also to carry out work activities. If the company that hired him changes its location within the Czech Republic, then he moves freely with it, and all costs of moving to a new place of residence are borne by the employer.

In addition, the “blue card in the Czech Republic for Russians” gives the opportunity to:

  • obtaining permanent residence 5 years later;
  • family reunification – this procedure can be carried out immediately. This definition includes not only a spouse with children, but also retired parents (over the age of 65) who are dependent or require constant care;
  • periodic trips to Russia, if required not only by “production necessity”, but also by family circumstances.

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