Braga is a Portuguese city that deserves special attention

Most foreigners planning to buy property in Portugal primarily consider Lisbon and its suburbs or the Algarve region as options. However, in the north of the country there are many cities suitable for permanent residence, one of which is Braga.

In recent years, Braga has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best cities in Portugal in terms of quality of life and has also been awarded the title of “happiest”. The real estate sector, which is distinguished by its rich selection and affordable prices, played a significant role in promoting the third most populous city in Portugal at the international level. It is no coincidence that many Brazilians moved here to take advantage of the Golden Visa program, as well as retirees and young families with children.

Braga, Portugal

The residential property market in Braga has remained stable for four years, with minor fluctuations only occurring between June and September last year, when the Covid-19 pandemic left many locals temporarily unsure of their future. However, after the situation normalized, housing prices in Braga not only returned to their previous level, but also continued to grow.

Thus, as of July 2021, the cost of one square meter reached 1,164 euros, which is a historical maximum. For comparison: in Lisbon this figure is 3543 euros, in Faro – 2456, in Porto – 2252, on the island of Madeira – 1809, and in the whole country – 2247 euros per 1 sq.m. You can buy an apartment in Braga for an average of 215 thousand euros, and this is easier in all respects than in other regions of Portugal.

Braga, Portugal

However, Braga has other obvious advantages that attract foreign investors here. Many tourists, having visited Porto, go to this city, which has a reputation as a “spiritual capital”, which is home to many historical and religious attractions. Among them are the Sé de Braga Cathedral, completed in the 13th century, the churches of Igreja de Santa Cruz and Igreja de São João do Souto, the former residence of the Portuguese archbishop Paco Episcopal Bracarense, the monastery of the Mosteiro de São Martinho de Tibães and the Palacio dos. Biscainhos. And the “sacred hill” of Santuário do Bom Jesus do Monte was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2019.

Braga, Portugal

In 2019, Braga was visited by almost 100 thousand tourists, most of whom arrived during Easter week, when in the Catholic world not only educational institutions, but also many private companies go on vacation. And most recently, this city was recognized as the “best tourist destination” in all of Western Europe.

But it would be completely wrong to perceive Braga solely as a religious center – as, for example, Fatima is considered to be, where in 1917 the appearance of the Virgin Mary to three child shepherds took place. 45 km from the city is the most famous national reserve in Portugal – Peneda-Gerês National Park, where nature lovers come from all over the country.

Braga, Portugal

Finally, a recent study conducted by the leading Portuguese consumer protection organization Deco Proteste speaks in favor of Braga. According to the results, Braga, along with Viseu and Leiria, makes up the top three Portuguese cities whose residents feel the happiest. This primarily concerns the level of medical care, quality of education, employment opportunities and diversity in leisure activities.

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