Budget real estate in France: myth or reality?

France is not one of the countries with relatively low – by European standards – housing prices. However, so-called budget real estate in France exists, and if desired, it can be found even in large settlements that are very popular among foreign investors and tourists. In the vast majority of cases, properties put up for sale are located in the south of the country, including in close proximity to the Mediterranean coast.

The easiest way to buy budget real estate in France is in cities such as Beziers, Montpellier or Cap d’Agde, although in the latter case you must keep in mind that this resort is a world center for nudism/naturism. Accordingly, intimacy on the beach at any time of the day or night no longer surprises local residents, but will become an extremely unpleasant surprise for families with children. However, for renting out housing, it is Cap-Dague, where a studio or one-bedroom apartment costs up to 100 thousand euros, that looks the most attractive, since most lovers of “reconnecting with nature” do not have excessive demands on housing conditions.

Property prices in France

Investment properties can be found even on the Cote d’Azur – in particular, in Nice, which has a reputation as a “glamorous” city. Nice is favored by the presence of an international airport (about 45 minutes to the center by bus), a developed network of municipal transport, low prices in local supermarkets and the proximity of Monaco, where thrill-seekers prone to gambling addiction go in search of thrills. However, the price range should also be taken into account – even the most modest and at the same time decent housing here cannot cost less than 140 thousand euros.

Property prices in France

Apartments at a similar price and even cheaper can be found in Marseille – the largest port city in the country, but before that it is very advisable to familiarize yourself with its administrative divisions so as not to find yourself in an alien environment or at least not to fear for the safety of your “second home” during your absence .

How much does real estate cost in France?

If you have an irresistible desire to get an apartment in Paris, you need to be prepared for a completely different price level, which starts at 12,000 euros per square meter, unless we are talking about the suburbs of the French capital. “Window to Paris” is a very expensive pleasure, although competent rental of housing with the help of specialists with experience in the French real estate market will quickly begin to bear fruit.

Among the nearby settlements, the dynamically developing city of Tours, the administrative center of the Indre-et-Loire department, deserves special attention. There is a railway station and an airport here, and local authorities intend to at least double passenger traffic by 2035. Last year, investments in local real estate for subsequent rental yielded the highest percentage of returns (up to 10%) with a tendency to further increase.

Budget real estate in France

Other major cities where you can buy inexpensive real estate in France include Toulon, Le Havre and Bordeaux. At the same time, there are at least 12 departments where quite a lot of liquid properties are offered for sale at a price of less than 100 thousand euros – first of all, these are Creuse, Marne, Nièvre, Cher, Allier and Cantal. In their favor is the fact that in recent years prices here have remained stable, and unlike the French who are trying to buy housing in big cities, foreigners are increasingly paying attention to quiet places in the outback.

Inexpensive real estate in France

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