Buying real estate in Germany

Any foreigner can purchase real estate in Germany. The country’s legislation does not impose any serious restrictions on the acquisition of real estate by non-residents. You can find out how to obtain a residence permit in Germany here.

The procedure for purchasing real estate in Germany begins with the selection of an object. If a suitable property is found, the foreigner needs to come to the country: an appointment is made with a notary, who accompanies the transaction until the purchase and sale transaction is concluded. The entire procedure takes, on average, from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on the type of object being purchased.

After transferring the purchase amount to the account of the notary, who transfers the funds to the owner’s account, the new owner of the property is entered into the land register, after which he becomes the full owner of the property.

Legal services for real estate transactions in Germany

Often, after purchasing a home, a new owner needs the services of a lawyer. Legal services for real estate transactions are provided on site by professional consulting companies. Legal services mainly include correspondence with the tenant or tenants, checking and monitoring the receipt of rental payments into your bank account if the property is rented.

You will need the help of a lawyer in Germany in case of sale of an object or disputes arise. For example, if there is a need to pay for repairs, in a case where the damage was not caused by the fault of the owner. Most lawyers charge by the hour.

You can always contact Just Real to receive competent legal advice on purchasing real estate in Germany.

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