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Cascais district, Portugal

Half an hour by car (by train – a little longer, to the final station from Cais do Sodré station; another line goes to Sintra) west of Lisbon is the resort town of Cascais, considered the best place to purchase real estate in Portugal. This is largely due to its favorable location, good transport links, developed infrastructure and mild, warm climate throughout the year.

For a century and a half, the top of Portuguese society vacationed here, including King Carlos I, in whose honor a monument was erected in the local port. Many aristocrats, including from other countries, bought property in Cascais, preferring detached mansions, chalets and palaces.

It is no coincidence that it was in this city that electricity first appeared in Portugal, thanks to which it turned into the summer residence of kings. The country’s first casino was opened here, although Estoril subsequently took the lead in this regard.

It wasn’t just the local nobility who came to Cascais; During the Second World War, the kings of three countries at once – Spain, Italy and Bulgaria – settled here along with their families. Nowadays, real estate in Cascais is being bought by wealthy people from other countries looking for peace and quiet.

The city itself can be divided into a beach area, where most of the hotels, bars, discos and nightclubs are located, the old part with small houses from the beginning of the last century, entwined with colorful flower garlands, and located at some distance from the center and the port, where there are always many yachts and fishing boats, fashionable urbanizations. It is in this area of ​​Cascais, protected from the ocean by rocky shores, that Boca do Inferno (“Devil’s Mouth”) is located – a unique arch of rocks that during a storm produces sounds as if from the other world. Other attractions of Cascais include the 16th-century fort, as well as Marshal Carmona Park, where peacocks, ducks, chickens and turtles walk quite calmly.

Beaches in Cascais


However, first of all, tourists are attracted by the beaches in Cascais, of which there are more than ten. At least half of them are marked with the so-called blue flag, assigned to beaches with clean water, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.

The most visited beaches in Cascais are Praia da Conceiço, located near the train station, Praia da Azaruiginha, which meets the highest standards, and Praia da Duquesa, characterized by clean water and the possibility of renting a yacht.

It should be borne in mind that many of the beaches in Cascais, although very picturesque, are located in passages between rocks, and are therefore difficult to access in every sense of the term. Some, like Praia da Bafoureira, are reached by a single long staircase. Naturally, we are not talking about recreation for people with disabilities. Some beaches, as in the case of Praia das Avencash, can only be reached on foot due to either the remote location of parking or their complete absence, as in Praia do Tamaris.

On the other hand, there are quite specific beaches in Cascais, which are visited exclusively by lovers of windsurfing, surfing (Praia do Guincho) or fishing (Praia do Abaño). There is also a place for nudists, the name of which speaks for itself – Praia da Grota, hidden among the rocks from the prying eyes of strangers. In any case, in Cascais you can easily find a beach for any purpose that fully meets your idea of ​​an ideal place to relax.

Property prices in Cascais


Of course, the totality of all the advantages of this prestigious resort has a direct impact on real estate prices in Cascais. On average, they are the highest in the country, surpassing not only the resorts of the Algarve province, but also the capital of the country, Lisbon. You can find out more about real estate in the Algarve here.

Cascais is ideal for those foreigners who would like to obtain a residence permit in Portugal under the Golden Visa program. The city has a wide selection of housing priced from half a million euros, so wealthy investors will not have difficulty choosing a property that can later be sold at a profit, since property prices in Cascais are showing steady growth, and this trend should continue in the coming years.

Luxury villas worth 7-8 million euros are for sale here, although most luxury real estate in Cascais can be bought in the range of 2-4 million euros. If we are talking about luxury apartments, then in this case it is quite possible to spend one and a half million euros. It all depends on the location, time of construction, quality of finishing, number of bedrooms (usually 3-4) and the presence of general infrastructure – swimming pool, recreation area, children’s playground.

However, one should not think that real estate prices in Cascais are designed exclusively for wealthy citizens. There are also budget options, which include apartments costing about 150 thousand euros, while cheaper properties usually require at least cosmetic repairs.

Sometimes buyers of Portuguese real estate have doubts about “Which is better: Cascais or Estoril” or “Which is better: Cascais or Carcavelos.” Cascais can be called a more respectable city, which is suitable for a calm and measured life. Nearby, Estoril is a city of entertainment, the main attraction being the casinos with live music. The casino is followed by water parks, golf and karting, located on one of the Formula 1 tracks.

As for Carcavelos, it is primarily famous for its beach, which is, not without reason, considered the best in Portugal. However, during the summer holiday season it is always filled to capacity, and every year there are cases of theft from vacationers.

The proximity to Lisbon (only 12 km) can be considered both an advantage and a disadvantage, since noise pollution makes itself felt both day and night. Compared to Cascais, there are significantly more attractions, some of which are related to the wine industry, but the abundance of tourists offsets many of the advantages of Carcavelos – including housing prices, which on average are inferior to real estate prices in Cascais, which still holds the title of a Portuguese resort No. 1.

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