Changes in tax legislation in Montenegro

Buyers of real estate worth more than 150,000 euros will pay higher taxes, companies from offshore zones will pay 30% tax, organizers of gambling on the Internet and in casinos will pay higher amounts. The growth of excise taxes on various types of goods is also accelerating.

The government has sent these changes to parliament, where it is asking for an urgent vote. The reasons for the urgency are the prevention of tax fraud, the protection of public finances and the budget of local governments. All these changes have been made in accordance with the directives and practices of the European Union countries.

With the proposed amendments to the real estate sales tax law, the current rate of 3% will remain for properties valued up to €150,000, while a new rate of 5% will apply to amounts above that limit. This norm, if adopted, will come into force on January 1, 2024.

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