“Chernobyl” guide for buyers of foreign real estate. Countries without nuclear power plants

The Chernobyl disaster will serve as a source of inspiration for authors of books, films and games for a long time to come. The new HBO series showed how painful this topic is even for those who are thousands of kilometers away from the danger of radiation poisoning. People are subconsciously afraid of nuclear reactors and the potential problems they bring.

Where to run from this danger? Where can I hide from her? How can you relax, knowing that within a few hundred kilometers of you, in the depths of the reactors, a deadly poison is blazing hot, capable, under unfavorable circumstances, of destroying you and everyone around you?

And since we love civilization and comfort, we decided to seek refuge in Europe. Since we’re hiding, it’s five stars!

Denmark and Norway


Both countries are excellent both in terms of living standards and environmental ratings. None of them have industrial reactors, only Norway has a couple of research reactors. The Danes at one time turned out to be very impressionable and after the Chernobyl accident they banned the construction of any nuclear reactors in the country. The Norwegians have more than enough oil, gas and tidal wind sources for energy. But… No, seriously? Are you really ready to hide from anything in such a climate? In general, we would consider these countries, but only for the strong-willed and very seasoned!



Here! It’s a completely different matter! Good climate, excellent food, comfortable social policy, affordable real estate prices. The state is one of the ten most environmentally friendly countries in the world. No nuclear power plants! Moreover, the development of nuclear energy is under state ban. Ideal, isn’t it? Almost. Because Slovenia is very close to the operating Krsko nuclear power plant. And also other neighbors, like Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, who not only can build something, but still really want to. And this, you see, is not conducive to relaxing.

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Spain, Germany, France


How is it going in the largest countries of mainland Europe? It’s unfortunate, but we have to admit that we won’t find peace in any of these countries. Germany and Spain, although they adopted memorandums at the state level on the closure of nuclear power plants, the final solution to the problem will take many more years. As for France, here, even at the border inspection point, any self-respecting atomophobe will begin to get itchy and have panic attacks – the French energy system is more than 70% dependent on nuclear energy. There are 58 operating reactors here! Even three liters of Martel will not help you forget this figure, especially if you remember that the Blaye nuclear power plant is located some 40 kilometers from the vineyards of the province of Cognac…

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Italy and Greece


Well, here we are in the south! What’s here? And here there is silence and grace. Yes, perhaps not everything is so good with the economy in these countries, but there is not a single nuclear power plant here! No, and will not appear in the foreseeable future. And if some reactor fails on the mainland and the wind begins to blow radioactive dust, you can always grow gills and go live on the Mediterranean bottom, it’s always so quiet and peaceful here!

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