Cost of living in Italy in 2021

Potential buyers of real estate in Italy, “digital nomads”, future students and anyone who has decided to move to this country on a permanent or temporary basis are interested in the question of the standard of living in 2021. This concerns primarily the cost of essential goods, the cost of living and the cost of rent.

Although Italy may not be considered one of the best expat destinations in terms of price compared to other countries in Southern and South-Western Europe, it should be kept in mind that all these indicators largely depend on the region. For example, renting a house in Milan will cost much more than in Naples, and prices for everything else will be higher. The same is true for Rome, Florence, Bologna and other tourist and business centers, not to mention individual “paradise” with a predominance of luxury real estate.

Cost of living in Italy in 2021

For a modest apartment on the outskirts of these cities you will have to pay at least 500 euros per month, while renting a more spacious apartment near the center will cost 1.5-2 times more. Families who decide to settle in Milan spend about 43% of their total income on it – more than anywhere else in the EU. For comparison, residents of Madrid spend 36.3% on this, Lisbon – 35.8%, Barcelona – 32.7%, Porto – 30.8% and Rome – 30.2%, while it is generally accepted that paying rent should not exceed a third of the family budget.

Accommodation in small towns of the Italian south will be cheaper in almost all respects. Thus, in June 2021, renting 1 square meter of residential property per month cost 6.6 euros in Sicily, 7.1 euros in Basilicata and 6.1 euros in Calabria, which is almost half as much as in Lombardy or Tuscany .

Cost of living in Italy in 2021

Based on information from the global data bank Numbeo, as of June 2021, average prices in Italy for a number of major products were as follows (in euros):

  • Bread – 1.57

  • Milk (1 l) – 1.16

  • Bottle of mineral water (1.5 l) – 0.42

  • Bottle of wine – 5

  • Mug of beer (0.5 l) – 4.5

  • A cup of cappuccino coffee – 1.39

  • Lunch/dinner for two in a middle-class restaurant – 55

  • A pack of cigarettes (20 pcs) – 5.5

  • City bus ticket – 1.5

Cost of living in Italy in 2021

According to Numbeo, the average cost of food, transport and basic services, excluding property rental and/or maintenance costs, is 747.92 euros per month for one person and 2642.81 for a family of four (parents and two minor children ). Compared to Spain, which has a lot in common with Italy in many respects, this is about 20% more. However, the Apennine Peninsula is the best option for those who are willing to pay extra for high quality and the same level of service. Qualified medical care, free for all residents of the country, also plays an important role.

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