Cost of maintaining real estate in France

In addition to annual property taxes in France, the property owner will have to pay individual and condominium fees. Gas, water and electricity are paid according to meters, which are equipped with all real estate in France. Average monthly expenses for these three parameters range from 150 euros for an apartment and from 250 euros for a medium-sized villa.

If you own an apartment in a business-class complex, payments for maintenance of the pool, grounds, parking and other amenities can be up to 250 euros monthly. In economy class residential complexes, the cost of cleaning, elevator maintenance and general electricity will not exceed 40 euros per month.
For villa owners, the maintenance of property in France, including maintenance of the grounds and pool, will depend on the volume of services provided and their frequency.

Cost of maintaining real estate in France in some cities

For comparison, here is the cost of maintaining real estate in some French cities in 2019. The indicated prices are typical for apartments with an area of ​​85 m2, including electricity, heating, gas, water, garbage removal.

  • Paris: utilities – 150.86 €; Internet – 30 €;
  • Nice: utilities – 113 €; Internet – 24 €;
  • Antibes: utilities – 155 €; Internet – 22 €;
  • Avignon: utilities – 132 €; Internet – 24 €;
  • Aix-en-Provence: utilities – 132 €; Internet – 30 €;
  • Bordeaux: utilities – 145 €; Internet – 27 €.

The cost of maintaining real estate in France should include payment for Internet and television services. The package price starts from 24 euros/month.

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