Costs of maintaining real estate in Switzerland

Residents of Switzerland are extremely frugal in terms of their use of utilities. All apartments have meters for gas, water and heating. However, even with efficient use of resources, utility costs in Switzerland are among the highest in Europe.

In addition to paying for electricity, water, gas according to meters, there are utility bills for garbage removal, cleaning and security of the territory, maintaining parking, etc. The costs of maintaining real estate in Switzerland differ depending on the canton to which it belongs, the area of ​​the property and infrastructure residential complex.

Depending on the canton, utility bills for an apartment in Switzerland can range from 150 to more than 300 euros per month. The tax on television and radio is paid annually by the property owner and amounts to about 500 euros. The cost of using the Internet is about 55 euros per month.

Costs of maintaining real estate in different cities of Switzerland

For comparison, here is the cost of maintaining real estate in some Swiss cities in 2019. The indicated figures are typical for apartments with an area of ​​85 m2, including electricity, heating, gas, water, garbage removal.

  • Zurich: utilities – 188 €; Internet – 58 €;
  • Bern: utilities – 226 €; Internet – 50 €;
  • Baden: utilities – 157 €; Internet – 55 €;
  • Geneva: utilities – 188 €; Internet – 68 €;
  • Lugano: utilities – 162 €; Internet – 53 €.

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