Costs when buying property in Turkey

If you are planning to buy real estate in Turkey, then you should be aware of the additional costs that the buyer incurs when purchasing property: we are talking about paying taxes, expenses for paperwork, legal services, etc. We recently wrote about the purchase of real estate in Turkey by a foreigner See our article “Purchasing real estate in Turkey”, where you can find detailed information about the procedure itself.

Main expenses when buying property in Turkey


Purchase tax

Before receiving a certificate of ownership (TAPU), a tax is paid, which is 4% of the cost of the purchased housing (the amount is divided in half between the seller and the buyer). It is paid at a state bank.

Cadastral tax

The buyer must pay cadastral tax on application and service fee. Their total cost is 891 Turkish lira.

Notarial services

In Turkey, it is not necessary to have a contract certified by a notary, since only TAPU has legal force. However, if both parties or one of the parties want to do this, the notary’s services will cost them from 620 to 1,800 Turkish lira.

Translation services

When obtaining and signing a certificate of title with the participation of foreign persons, the presence of an accredited translator is mandatory, whose services range from 100 to 200 Turkish lira.


Registration of a power of attorney

If the buyer himself cannot be present when completing the documents and receiving the certificate, he will have to pay about 500 liras for issuing a power of attorney for his representative.

Lawyer services

Lawyer services (Russian-speaking, English-speaking) vary from 7,500 to 10,100 Turkish liras, depending on the amount of work done.

In the case of mortgage lending, obtaining a property valuation report in Turkey before the purchase itself will cost approximately 1,450 Turkish lira.

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