Eurostat has published statistics showing trends in rental market rates, as well as current prices for residential property in the EU

In the first quarter, housing prices in the EU fell on average by 0.7% compared to the fourth quarter of last year. Thus, housing prices have fallen for the second period in a row.

Rent over this period increased by 0.9%, and over the year the price increased by 2.9%. Since 2010, rental rates in the EU have increased by 20%, and residential property prices have risen by 46%. During this period, rental rates fell only in Greece – by 22%; the leaders in rental growth were Lithuania and Estonia, where rates increased by +165% and 212%, respectively. Estonia has also been among the leaders in housing price growth since 2010 – prices have increased by 200%. The top list also included Austria, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania and Hungary. A decline in prices over a period of more than ten years was noted in Cyprus (-2%), Italy (-9%) and Greece (-14%).

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