Future changes in real estate taxation are being vigorously discussed in Montenegro

A consoling moment for all participants in the real estate market in Montenegro remains the fact that buyers of new apartments from the developer will not pay tax. Major changes in legislation will affect the secondary real estate market. Those who buy luxury real estate and invest on a regular basis will feel the consequences of the introduction of the new tax scale more than others. Another thing is that prices, which have seriously increased in recent years, are bringing housing seekers in the middle price segment into the ranks of payers at an increased rate. For example, in Budva the price per square meter is already close to 2800 euros, which means that for a spacious apartment with 2 bedrooms you will have to pay significantly more taxes than before. Most experts urge potential buyers not to postpone already planned transactions for a long period of time, due to the constant rise in property prices and planned tax changes.

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