Golfe Juan in France – resort and port on the Cote d’Azur

One of the small but prestigious resorts located on the French Riviera is Golfe-Juan Vallauris, which is also a major seaport.

It is located just five kilometers from Cannes, where the famous film festival takes place, which, without a doubt, affects the permanent resident and visiting contingent.

The vast majority of those going to this resort spend their free time practicing water sports or relaxing according to the most common formula: “sea + sun”, enjoying peace and quiet. In this regard, a considerable part of vacationers are couples with children or older people.

The main thing for lovers of tranquility is not to confuse Golfe-Juan with the neighboring resort town of Juan-les-Pins, which is replete with bars, discos and nightclubs, where young people have fun until the morning.

Golfe-Juan Vallauris – two cities in one

This settlement received a double name because it belongs to Vallauris, which is located just two kilometers from the sea (you can walk in 20 minutes, you can get there by bus number 8). If Golfe-Juan is considered one of the youngest resorts on the French Riviera, then the history of Vallauris dates back centuries, and the first large buildings – a castle and a chapel – date back to the 12th century. He became famous not for entertainment, but for the production of ceramic products, which are known far beyond the borders of this region.

Golfe-Juan Vallauris in France is also known for its mild climate, since, like Juan-les-Pins, it is located in a bay that hides it from strong winds and bad weather.

Not the least role in this is played by the mountain range of red rocks called l’Estrel, which is unique in its kind.

A distinctive feature of the Golfe-Juan resort is the fine sand beach, which looks advantageous against the backdrop of Nice. By the way, from Nice International Airport you can also get to your destination by taking bus number 250.

Sights of Golfe-Juan


Despite the fact that about 30 thousand people permanently live in Golfe-Juan Vallauris, there are quite a few attractions here, and they are concentrated mainly in Vallauris.

The resort part features a marina with snow-white yachts, luxurious villas on the shore and the palace of the King of Saudi Arabia. The latter has become the subject of serious controversy because the Arab head of state has “privatized” part of the Mirandole public beach, which goes against French law. According to existing legislation, all public beaches must be accessible to residents and guests of the city.

In this regard, vacationers are forced to sunbathe and swim on another free beach – Plage du Soleil.

Compared to Golfe-Juan, Vallauris will be much richer in attractions, the main one of which is the National Pablo Picasso Museum.

The famous Spanish master, having fulfilled the condition of the local authorities (to paint the chapel on the theme “War and Peace”), began to work with ceramics. Apparently, in seven years in his new field, he achieved noticeable success, since the main square of the city is decorated with his sculpture “Man with a Lamb.”

The best examples of pottery art, made by the masters who lived here, are presented in the Magnelli Museum, which continues to be replenished with new exhibits.

Another international celebrity who chose Golfe-Juan Vallauris as a temporary residence was the French actor Jean Marais.

Having completed his career, Mare decided to settle in this quiet resort, where no one would bother him, and tried to create works from high-quality clay, which was mined in the surrounding area. In honor of Marais, who passed away here in 1998 at the age of 84 and was buried in the city cemetery, a traditional theater festival is held here every year.

Another world-famous personality was honored with a plaque and bust, which were installed on the Golfe-Juan embankment. They are dedicated to Napoleon, who landed here on the shore, heading from the Elbe to Paris.

Property in Golfe-Juan


The status of a prestigious resort also leaves its mark on prices in Golfe-Juan, where luxury villas mainly predominate.

The cost of villas here starts from 1.5 million euros, depending on the area of ​​the house, plot, number of rooms and bathrooms, as well as infrastructure and finishing.

The sea view plays an important role; luxury real estate that meets the highest requirements can reach a price of 8 million euros. In turn, the cost of apartments rarely exceeds half a million euros, and in Vallauris they are even cheaper, although the villas are not much inferior in price to Golfe-Juan.

As a rule, any urbanization in Golfe-Juan Vallauris is closed from outsiders and has security, a concierge and other service personnel on its staff.

Despite their proximity to the sea, the vast majority of them have at least one swimming pool, green areas and tennis courts. With similar infrastructure, prices at the more “promoted” resorts of the Cote d’Azur are noticeably higher – if not, clearly overpriced. Therefore, buying property in Golfe-Juan Vallauris, which is becoming increasingly popular among foreign citizens, seems to be a profitable investment, and not just a demonstration of luxury.

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