Hotel construction is on the rise across Europe

In first place is London, where 80 new hotels with 13,683 rooms are currently being built. This is followed by Düsseldorf with 46 hotels and 8,492 rooms, Paris with 35 hotels and 5,540 rooms, Lisbon with 34 hotels and 3,850 rooms and Istanbul with 32 hotels and 6,598 rooms.

Over the past year, 447 new hotels with 64,898 rooms were opened in Europe. For the next two years, experts predict that the number of new properties will reach 421 with 62,281 rooms in 2023, followed by another 419 new hotels with 64,016 rooms in 2024.

The countries with the most intensive hotel construction in Europe are the UK, Germany, France, Portugal and Poland. These five countries account for 54% of hotels built and 51% of rooms in total hotel construction in Europe.

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