The realities of modern life are such that the most sought-after real estate is housing with the lowest possible prices per square meter. The cost will vary depending on the specific region of Ukraine.

Realtors have compiled a rating of cities where you can purchase square meters at the lowest cost. The state capital also appears on this list, but this applies to new buildings. However, you can buy apartments on the secondary market, which will be cheaper. As we know, the price will depend on the quality of the repair, location and equipment: furniture, household appliances, glazing.

Housing at low prices

Rating of low cost square meters by region

After conducting a comparative analysis, experts identify five regions in which you can purchase an apartment from a developer at a low price:

  • first place – Khmelnitsky, price per square meter starts from 6400 g/m2;
  • second place – Kyiv, price starts from 6500 g/m2;
  • third place – Lviv, from 7900 g/m2;
  • fourth place – Vinnitsa, from 8000 g/m2;
  • fifth place – Summy, from 8300 g/m2.

The cost will depend on the class of housing, location, area and degree of infrastructure development. Do not forget that you can purchase an apartment on the secondary market.

Buying a home from a private person

You can buy an apartment from the previous tenant, and its cost will be cheaper than what the developer offers. Most often, the price is influenced by the following factors:

  • year of construction of the building;
  • condition of wiring and plumbing;
  • availability of repairs;
  • apartment area;
  • presence of furniture and household appliances;
  • location.

If you know where to look, then in the process of bargaining for square meters you can reduce the cost to 10-20%. When purchasing residential space from a second party, there is a big risk, as you can fall into the network of scammers.

We should not exclude force majeure, when residents strive to sell good housing as soon as possible due to family problems: divorce, relocation, illness.

Purchasing an apartment at auction

Not many people know about the existence of such a method of acquiring real estate as an auction. Housing of this type is seized by the state for various reasons: as payment of debts, due to an overdue mortgage, due to the arrest of its owner, in case of violation of the law. Such apartments are put up for auction. Its cost will correspond to 90% of the original estimate, which is significantly lower than market prices.

Buying auction real estate has a lot of pitfalls; everything will depend on the degree of transparency of the auction. Remember that besides you, a large number of people are vying for such real estate, and the winner will be the one who offers the largest amount.

The documentation procedure can take from two weeks to two months, the auction can be appealed, and the opportunity to personally inspect the property is not provided. And this can lead to buying a “pig in a poke”.

Buy a home through an agency

This method is safer and you can choose an option with a relatively low cost. The main positive point is that:

  • personal time is saved;
  • transaction security increases;
  • housing matches the request;
  • All documentation is checked.

It is not necessary to buy an apartment in the city center; you can buy it in a residential area or on the outskirts. This option is suitable for those who have personal transport.

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