How much does it cost to do renovations in Spain?

At a certain point, many property owners in Spain are wondering about their major renovation, the need for which may be caused by various circumstances. And although it is generally accepted that any repair is quite comparable to a natural disaster, with proper planning and a thorough study of local features, it is quite possible to avoid unnecessary waste of time, nerves and money.

The first step towards putting your ideas into practice should be drawing up a plan for the proposed work and finding out the cost of their implementation. To do this, you need to contact several construction companies so that their specialists can draw up an estimate taking into account all the specified actions, deadlines and other conditions, which should be the same. You should focus not so much on the final amount, but on the cost of each stage. In this way, it will be possible to come to a common denominator and ultimately save money, since many companies are willing to provide discounts while maintaining high quality of work.

How much does a renovation cost in Spain?

Each apartment has its own individual characteristics, so in principle there cannot be any universal assessment. Experts from the Spanish Association of Professional Renovation and Construction Companies (ADERE) suggest taking as a basis an apartment of 100 square meters, in which it is necessary to completely update the decoration of the premises (carpentry using wood and metal), as well as refurbishment of the bathroom and kitchen. In this case, it is assumed that not the cheapest materials will be used, but at the same time, those that do not belong to the “luxury” class.

How much does it cost to do renovations in Spain?

The whole process can be divided into the following stages:

1. Obtaining a license to carry out work (1200 euros)

Typically, such a license, which is issued at the mayor’s office, costs 3% of the total cost, but for this you must already have a technical project in hand, which also entails certain costs. In addition, much depends on the standards established in each autonomous community.

2. Designation of the “front of work” (350 euros)

It will be necessary to separate the work site from common areas and ensure the cleanliness and safety of the latter, as well as the operation of the elevator as usual. Inside the premises, it is necessary to mark and close those places that must retain their “pristine” appearance.

How much does it cost to do renovations in Spain?

3. Destruction and demolition of unnecessary elements (3300 euros)

This amount includes old floors, doors, windows, plumbing, wiring and furniture, although it may vary based on the wishes of the customer. In any case, you will have to spend money on ordering a container for waste removal from an accredited company.

4. Facing works (5200 euros)

To calculate the cost of laying tiles, you should take into account the footage, its quality and the actual volume of work without taking into account the application of decorative patterns, if any.

How much does it cost to do renovations in Spain?

5.Preparatory work (8500 euros)

This amount can vary greatly depending on whether it is necessary to install additional partitions, make suspended ceilings, etc., however, in any case, it is impossible to do without primer, plaster, and replacement of door and window frames.

6.External and internal carpentry work (10,000 euros)

When performing them, materials such as aluminum, plastic, wrought iron, glass and wood are used. The more of them you need, the longer the process will take (installation of doors, windows, blinds, built-in wardrobes, etc.), and the higher the price will be.

How much does it cost to do renovations in Spain?

7.Installation of bathroom and kitchen furniture (3100 euros)

It is recommended that you do a 3D simulation first to get a good idea of ​​what the final result will be.

8. Electrics and lighting (5000 euros)

The cost depends on the number and location of outlets and switches, as well as their models and other characteristics.

9.Plumbing and heating (4000 euros)

A distinctive feature of apartment buildings located on the coast in a number of resort regions is the lack of central heating; In winter, they are heated by air conditioning, and hot water is supplied from a boiler.

10.Finishing and design work (3900 euros)

Their cost is determined by the choice of paints (preferably they should be of a well-known brand and moisture resistant) and the imagination of the customer.

Thus, a major renovation in Spain will cost approximately 44,550 euros, including materials and license, for a facility with a total area of ​​100 sq.m. In the case of apartments of a different size, you can focus on the following amounts:

  • 50 m2 – 22,275 €
  • 60 m2 – 26,730 €
  • 70 m2 – 31,185 €
  • 80 m2 – 35,640 €
  • 90 m2 – 40,095 €
  • 120 m2 – 53,460 €

Finally, the city in which the property is located plays an important role in the cost of repairs. Among the capitals of the autonomous communities, on average, residents of Bilbao, Valencia, Zaragoza, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Madrid pay the most for repairs.

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