how prices and supply have changed in Ukraine

The Ukrainian marketplace DIM.RIA summarized the situation in the real estate market and presented the analytical center’s report for 2023. Experts analyzed prices and the number of offers for new buildings, changes in the secondary sales and rental housing market.

Primary real estate market

Supply dynamics

According to DIM.RIA, as of December 2024, 75.4% of new building departments are operating in Ukraine. In the capital, 74.7% of sales departments of new buildings are active. The largest number of active sales departments is in the Ternopil region – 97%. When compared with January 2023, the number of active sales departments decreased in Zaporozhye and Sumy regions – by 18%.

In total, 108 new buildings in 214 sections were commissioned in Ukraine during the year. Of these, 13 are new residential complexes in 32 sections in the capital. In the Kyiv region, the number of new buildings is 18. As of December 2023, the share of finished new buildings from the total number is 29%.

From January to December, DIM.RIA users were most interested in new buildings in Kyiv – 27.4%, in Lviv – 16.4% and in Vinnitsa – 7.5%.


This year, the largest price increase was recorded in the Ivano-Frankivsk region – 79.4%. In the Kirovograd region the price increased by 47.5%. In the capital, the cost of an apartment increased by 18.5%, and in the region – by 12%.

If we analyze changes in the average price per m² in December to January 2023, then the average cost of a one-room apartment throughout Ukraine increased by 8.5%, and a two-room apartment by 9.4%.

Secondary real estate market

Supply dynamics

The secondary market changed significantly during the year under the influence of market development conditions. If we compare the supply of sales in December 2023 to December 2022, the number of listings has increased noticeably in all areas.

Demand for secondary real estate has increased and significant changes in supply have been recorded in the Kyiv region. A drop in the number of advertisements is observed only in the Sumy region – by 45%.


According to the analytical center, in December the average price of a one-room apartment in Kyiv was $88,685. By January 2023, this price had increased by 13%.

In the Lviv region, the average cost of an apartment is 66,648 US dollars, and in the Transcarpathian region – 53,401 US dollars. If we analyze the data for the year, a significant increase in prices was recorded in the Transcarpathian region – 43%. Compared to December 2023, the average price for a one-room apartment in the Kyiv region fell by 5%.

As of December 2023, the average cost of an apartment in Ukraine increased by 6%, and a house fell by 7.5%.

Rental market

Supply dynamics

According to the analytical center DIM.RIA, the largest jump in the number of rental advertisements during the year was recorded in October – 24%. July saw the lowest number of announcements.

In general, as of December 2023, by December 2022, the number of advertisements decreased in almost all regions, but in the Chernihiv and Kharkov regions it increased by 100% and 36%, respectively.


As of December 2023, the average rental price for a one-room apartment in the capital is UAH 16,425, and in the region – UAH 9,293. Compared to January 2023, the cost of housing in Kyiv increased by 48%. Analysts determined that over the year in the Volyn region the average price for one-room housing increased by 70%, and in the Chernivtsi and Kirovograd regions fell by 9% and 10%.

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