How the market for new buildings in the mass segment of Moscow has changed in the first half of the year

Experts from the information portal analyzed housing sales in Moscow new buildings belonging to the mass segment and found that sales volume decreased by 2.4%. At the same time, the cost of housing increased by 4%. Now it averages 181,810 rubles per sq. m. m.

At the beginning of 2020, 83 complexes were presented on the Moscow primary market. The total number of offers decreased by 2.4%, amounting to 16,4601 apartments. At 939 sq. m. the area of ​​housing for sale decreased, which corresponds to 3.9%.

The downward trend in offers continued for 5 months, and only in June was there an increase in the number of exhibited objects. The number of lots increased by 20.6%, and the housing area increased by 16.7%.

Due to the difficult economic situation in the country and the restrictions introduced during quarantine, many developers have postponed the start of sales in their residential complexes, in the hope that the situation will improve. In the first quarter of the year, only 5 developers began sales in new residential complexes. This is 1 project less than during this period last year.

Table 1. New projects among mass segment residential complexes




What month is it open?



“Holland Park”, located in Pokrovsky-Streshnevo





“Volzhsky Park”, located in the Tekstilshchiki district





Bright World Station L”located in the Lyublino district



Seven Suns Development


“MySpace on Festivalnaya”, located in the Khovrino district



MySpace Development


Neighbors 21/19“, located in the Ryazansky district



LLC SZ “ZhK 2/1”

Sales of apartments in residential complexes continued:

1. “Mikhailovsky Park”, in the sixth building;

2. “The World of Mitino”, in the 14th building;

3. “Quarter on Nikulinskaya”, in the first building;

4. “Lilac Park”, in building 7B;

5.LIFE-Varshavskaya, in building B2;

6. “Lublin Park”, in buildings 25, 7;

7. “Ilmensky 17”, in buildings 3, 4, 5, 6;

8. “Lights”, sales opened in buildings 1 and 2, second quarter;

9. “Nekrasovka Quarter”, phase 2 is open, apartments in buildings 5 ​​and 6 are for sale.

You can view all the developers’ proposals on the page New buildings.

Market analysis

Having studied the number of proposals in different districts, it can be noted that the third part of the exhibition is located in the South-East Administrative District. New projects that entered the market increased the number of lots over 6 months by 13.5 percentage points.

In other districts, the number of offers decreased. 12.5% ​​of lots are located in the Southern Administrative District, and their share decreased by 2.4 percentage points over the past six months.

17% of apartments are located in NEAD. Their number decreased by 3 percentage points.

11.3% of lots are concentrated in the Northern District (-2.8 p.p.).

In Western there are 11.7% of apartments (-1.8 p.p.).

The districts of the North-Western Administrative District and the South-Western Administrative District have the least number of proposals. North-Western Administrative District has 2.8% (-1.1 p.p.), and South-Western Administrative District has 2.7% of apartments; their share has decreased by −0.5 p.p. over the past six months.

Concentration of projects by Moscow districts

Offers for sale of apartments by district

The shares of housing construction readiness are distributed evenly. At the beginning of 2020 by 2.2 p.p. the number of completed apartments has increased. Now their part is 30.6%. The number of housing at the stage of finishing work decreased by 0.6 percentage points. Today it accounts for 32.1%.

The share of housing in new buildings in which floors are being installed is 27.4%. It increased by 1 p.p.

The share of apartments in buildings put into operation accounts for 9.9%. There are fewer such lots by 2.6 percentage points.

The ratio of apartments at different stages of construction readiness.

The largest number of apartments sold on the market are those with two rooms (39%), and the smallest number of apartments with more than 3 rooms (1.8%). You can see how their ratio has changed in the diagram. The outer circle is data for June 2020, the middle circle is for March 2020, and the inner circle is for December 2019.

Percentage of apartments depending on layout

Most apartments are sold turnkey renovated. Since the beginning of the year, the percentage of such housing has increased by 11.5 percentage points. and now stands at 57.8%.

There are much fewer apartments in which interior decoration was not carried out. Six months ago their share was 40.8%, and now it is 33%.

The fewest lots have pre-finishing done. There are 9.2% of them, over six months their share decreased by 3.7 percentage points.

The ratio of proposals according to the state of interior decoration. The outer circle is data for June 2020, the middle one is for March 2020, and the inner circle is for December 2019.

How the cost of apartments changed in the first half of the year

The average price for new housing in the mass segment increased by 4% and reached RUB 181,810. per sq.m. The greatest demand was in January, February and March, during these months prices rose by 2.1%. Then the growth in housing prices slowed down, and after the Station L residential complex entered the market with a low cost of housing (only 133,315 rubles per square meter), the average price for apartments decreased.

How housing prices have changed in different districts can be seen in the diagram.

Average price per square meter of housing in new residential complexes in different districts

The cost of one-room apartments increased by 4.2%, two-room apartments by 4.9%, three-room apartments by 5.6%, multi-room apartments by 11.3%. At the same time, the price of studio apartments decreased by 3.3%. As a result, the average housing price increased by 2.3% and amounted to 10.37 million rubles.

Prices for different types of apartments

Cost per square meter of housing

In July of this year, the most advantageous offers can be considered:

1. Studios in “MySpace” in Khovrino. Apartment measuring 10.6 sq. m can be bought for 2,700,000 rubles.

2. Studio apartments in the Lianozovo area in the residential complex “In pursuit of light”. One-room apartment measuring 26.5 sq. m can be purchased for RUB 3,574,000.

3. Studios in “MySpace” on Deguninskaya measuring 11.1 sq.m are sold for 3,160,000 rubles.

At the beginning of the year, demand for housing sharply decreased, which led to a slowdown in development activity. The real estate market revived only towards the end of June. The emergence of new projects in Moscow led to the fact that the total number of proposals for the first half of the year did not decrease compared to 2019.

At the same time, demand fell by 44% when comparing the figures with the first and second quarters of last year. After housing prices increased by 6.3% at the beginning of the year, at the end of the six months the growth in apartment prices stopped.

Mortgage lending with favorable rates helps support demand for home purchases. The number of such transactions in May-June amounted to 62-65% of all sales. You can view all offers for the sale of apartments in new buildings on the website by clicking on link.

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