How to heat in winter with an Immergas gas boiler

In our difficult times, the more pressing question than ever is how to stay warm in winter, especially if the electricity is cut off. You can rely on fate and hope for the best, but we advise you to prepare in advance so that winter does not frighten you with cold weather, but gives you the opportunity to enjoy fluffy snow and warm, cozy evenings.

Heating gas boilers

One of the heating methods is single-circuit and double-circuit gas boilers Immergas.

Single-circuit gas boilers Immergas

The largest number of heating equipment sales are occupied by Immergas single-circuit gas boilers.

Typically, they are installed in high-rise apartments because they are compact in size and will easily fit into the desired room. But, given the different power, they can be used in townhouses, duplexes, and detached houses.

Single-circuit boilers are of two types:

  • with an open combustion chamber (natural exhaust);
  • closed-type combustion chamber (when combustion products are removed using a built-in turbine, which discharges them into the chimney).

Also, they can be floor or wall.


  1. Price. Most single-circuit models are cheaper.
  2. Easy maintenance, which often extends the life of the boiler.
  3. When operating a boiler with a boiler, the user receives hot water immediately when the tap is opened.

But, there are also disadvantages. These include the absence of a hot water system, the amount of hot water will be equal to the volume of the boiler, in general, the costs of using these models + boiler will be higher than if only one double-circuit boiler was used.

Double-circuit gas boilers Immergas

The first and main difference between double-circuit gas boilers and single-circuit gas boilers is that they not only prepare hot liquid for the heating system, but also provide hot water for domestic needs.

Installation of double-circuit gas boilers

We want to write in more detail about the installation of double-circuit boilers, since with one circuit everything is simple, but equipment with two circuits requires compliance with some nuances.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is that this technique is designed to work in rooms where sampling points are located close to each other. As an example, the bathroom is located near the kitchen.

Second, it is advisable to place the heater at an equal distance from the main points of liquid selection or install it closer to the most frequently used tap.

And third, in situations where the length of the pipe connecting the double-circuit boiler to the mixer is more than 8 m, the time to obtain hot water will increase by approximately 25% compared to the value declared by the manufacturer.

It is worth noting that when buying double-circuit gas boilers, you need to be prepared for the fact that if you use hot water from the hot water system a lot, the heat generator stops heating water for heating. The room temperature may drop temporarily.

Features of single-circuit and double-circuit gas boilers

Just like single-circuit boilers, double-circuit boilers are divided into two types: with an open and closed combustion chamber – the difference is in the chimney.

To understand which boiler is right for you, single-circuit or double-circuit, you need to pay attention to:

  • what kind of hood do you want, natural or forced;
  • which installation method is right for you;
  • boiler power, based on the area of ​​your room that you want to heat;
  • availability of heating only or heating + hot water.

By answering all these questions, you can easily select the most suitable equipment for your facility.

If your choice falls on a turbocharged double-circuit gas boiler, that is, with a closed combustion chamber, you need to carefully choose the store where you want to purchase it, since this equipment is considered special, the seller must have documents for use and installation.

Heating gas boilers

Advantages of Immergas gas boilers

Immergas gas boilers are equipment that does not require any special skills to operate. They are easy to operate and usually operate automatically.

The next point will be the efficiency indicator. It will be the highest among other types of boilers: solid fuel or electric.

Another important advantage is the country of production – Italy. The product is certified and complies with all European standards and technologies.

You can buy Immergas gas boilers directly in the company’s official store or in any Immergas TM product store.

By purchasing a gas boiler now, you will be confident that, despite the difficulties with stable electricity, your home will be heated in winter. And it is worth noting that the cost-effective purchase/installation cost quickly pays off.

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