In five months, investments in Montenegro exceeded 360 million euros

Almost half of the investments of foreign citizens and companies are related to real estate trade, namely 171.02 million euros. Since outflows of investment amounted to 168.68 million during the same period, net foreign direct investment amounted to 193.06 million euros. This means that foreigners invested an average of 38.6 million euros per month.

In the first 5 months from the beginning of 2023, the largest volume of investments came from Russia (52.51 million). This is followed by Serbia (48.05 million), Switzerland (38.95 million), Turkey (32.1 million) and Germany (28.38 million). Citizens and companies from the Russian Federation lead in real estate investment with 26.89 million euros. The situation is similar with investments in companies and banks that received 12.3 million euros from the Russian Federation.

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