In the Czech Republic in March, the volume of newly issued mortgage loans without refinancing reached CZK 10.3 billion

This is almost 60% more than in February, and the volume itself reached its highest level since June last year. The volume of refinanced loans (own or received from another institution) amounted to 2.3 billion kroons (compared to 1.3 billion kroons in February).

While 2,289 new mortgages were issued in February, the number increased to almost 3,500 in March. In this regard, the March figure also reached the highest level since June last year. However, this is still a low figure compared with the first half of last year (about 6,000) and with 2021 (9,500).

One of the reasons for the revival of the market is the understanding of buyers that there will be no serious reduction in lending rates. The interest rate on new mortgages without refinancing fell to 5.86% in March. This value is still the highest in the last twenty years. Real rates fluctuate between 6 and 7%.

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