In the Dubai rental market, co-living spaces are becoming a popular choice among new residents

First-time visitors to Dubai prefer to sign up for the shared accommodation option to meet their housing needs. At least in the short term, up to 90 days or a little longer. Coliving spaces also find enough takers, even though the rental amount is very high. In co-living, the lease agreement only applies to the “common” space inside the apartment. Some of the properties (in high-end towers and prime locations) are asking around Dh4,000 per month.

Coliving spaces are growing in popularity due to the flexibility and convenience they offer tenants. These are typically fully furnished apartments with access to shared amenities such as work spaces, rooftop terraces, swimming pools and gyms. At the same time, the contracts stipulate the minimum amount of stay, a deposit is paid for no more than 1 month, and payment is accepted monthly.

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