In which regions of Turkey is it most profitable to buy real estate?

If previously the majority of Russians perceived Turkey as one of the most budget-friendly holiday destinations, in recent years they have begun to choose this country for moving to permanent residence. This was largely facilitated by the simple procedure for obtaining a residence permit and citizenship in the case of purchasing residential real estate, which is almost in no way inferior to its European counterparts.

However, buying a home in Turkey seems to be a good investment when it is carried out in certain regions, so the geographical factor is important. Promising are those in which infrastructure and transport links are well developed, and there are conditions for rapid adaptation. Based on these criteria, we can identify five main Turkish regions where it is most profitable to buy real estate.


Where to buy property in Turkey

A distinctive characteristic of Turkey’s largest and most populous city is its location on the border of two continents, so it is not surprising that it is divided into two parts: European and Asian. The first contains mainly offices, shopping centers, shops and entertainment venues, while the second is dominated by residential areas. Buses, trams, ferries and taxis operate between them, although the most convenient form of transport is the metro. 24 km from Istanbul there is an international airport, which before the Covid-19 pandemic received daily regular flights from Russia.

In the European part of the city, you could always find something to do in the evenings or weekends, and still feel completely safe. The crime rate in Istanbul is one of the lowest among megacities in the world due to the large number of CCTV cameras and well-equipped police, although precautions should still be taken in crowded areas.


Where to buy property in Turkey

The main advantage of Antalya is its favorable location, thanks to which it has a mild, favorable climate, and the tourist season lasts almost the whole year. Accordingly, local business in the field of services and sales is largely focused on visitors, a significant proportion of whom are immigrants from the former Soviet republics. On the one hand, this simplifies adaptation, since the largest Russian-speaking diaspora in Turkey lives here, and many Turks have already learned “great and mighty.” On the other hand, the price level (including for real estate, which has a rich selection) is still higher here than in other seaside resorts.

Among the advantages is the proximity of the international airport (10 km), from which you can take the AntRay high-speed tram. It links the airport with the bus station, the Old Town and four major shopping centers. In the city itself, which has everything for a comfortable life, it is more convenient to travel by buses and minibuses.


Where to buy property in Turkey

Unlike the “Russian-speaking” Antalya, Alanya has a reputation as a “German” resort, although there are also many emigrants and tourists from Russia here. Most of them got there by bus from Antalya Airport, 120 km away, since there were flights from Russian cities not enough. Buses and minibuses run throughout Alanya itself, which can take you to more remote resorts.

Alanya doesn’t have as many attractions as Antalya, but it does have more green areas and beaches to choose from. The same applies to offers for the sale of housing; All types are represented here, from apartments in low-rise buildings to villas and apartments in secure residential complexes with swimming pools, garages and sports grounds.


Where to buy property in Turkey

12 km from the center of Alanya is Mahmutlar, which is mainly chosen by lovers of a calm and measured life. Almost 40 thousand people permanently live in this suburb, of which about 1/4 are immigrants from Holland, Germany, Ireland and Russia. As in Antalya, one part of the indigenous population speaks Russian, while the other speaks English.

Mahmutlar has all the infrastructure necessary for living and recreation, but clothes, shoes and accessories have to be sent to Alanya due to the small number of relevant stores and the assortment in them. Another feature of the city is the predominance of pebble beaches, although they are all well maintained.


Where to buy property in Turkey

The situation is similar with the beaches in Kemer, which includes several resort villages. Despite being the country’s third largest Mediterranean resort with some 60 km of coastline, only half of it is suitable for beach holidays. Tourists (mainly from Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Sweden) are attracted here by the good ecological situation, the absence of noisy nightlife and large crowds of people, although there are enough places for entertainment and walking. However, with the end of the season, the city becomes empty, since the only source of income for the vast majority of the local population is tourism.

Of the other regions of Turkey in which it is most profitable to buy real estate, we can mention such cities on the Aegean coast as Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris, which also have everything necessary for both permanent and temporary residence.

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