It is quite possible to live comfortably by choosing housing in the new buildings of the Sofia-Club residential complex

For any person, purchasing a home is an important stage in life. This explains the demand for apartments, which can be viewed at As a rule, many people save for an apartment for a very long time, setting aside the required amount of money every month, and therefore the selection process should be approached as responsibly as possible. If we consider the capital of Ukraine, we can note that the most favorable areas for living are located in the central part of Kiev – numerous cultural and historical attractions, public gardens, parks, developed infrastructure and everything you need to live as comfortably as possible are collected here. Residents of Kyiv, like no one else, know what it’s like to stand in traffic jams for several hours in order to get to work or study. At the same time, prices for housing located in the center of the capital are not affordable for everyone, and therefore those people who are usually guided by practicality of action pay attention to real estate in the suburbs of Kyiv.

Residential complex Sofia-Club

It is important to understand that if you have been saving money for an apartment for most of your life, then it is better to invest it in primary housing, where there is definitely no memory of the previous owners, which is difficult to hide even behind the highest quality repairs, not to mention the numerous pitfalls. New, well-appointed new buildings are best suited for purchase. In particular, the most modern residential complex Sofia-Club is located in one of the prestigious suburbs of the capital. Some houses have been occupied for a long time, others are at the construction or planning stage. The reputation of the developer A. N. Martynov is known to many, and therefore some families are happy to invest in future housing, preferring to save money. Every year the Martynovs rent out about 7 houses, each of which is distinguished by increased comfort and functionality. Today, the developer has plans to build another 50 multi-storey buildings with the safest playgrounds, educational institutions, cafes, restaurants, shops and other infrastructure. Each apartment, regardless of the number of rooms, has a spacious kitchen in the premises. The lighting level is high, the layout is the most modern, and the balconies and loggias are already glazed.

Those who wish to purchase an apartment in the Sofia-Club residential complex can go to the official website to study the layout and other characteristics of the housing. As an alternative solution, you can always make an appointment and personally inspect the options offered in houses that have been built and are under construction. Despite the fact that the Sofia-Club residential complex is an economy class complex, the housing here meets all building codes and requirements according to all criteria. This allows residents to be provided with comfort and safety. The latter is organized at the highest level thanks to round-the-clock security and a video surveillance system.

When purchasing a property from this developer, you can be sure that it has a clean history; under these conditions, it is much easier for the buyer to choose preparatory finishing, right down to the floor and ceiling material and the shade of the walls. All raw materials used by the developer are of high quality and will serve for a long period. The issue of utilities deserves special attention, which is partly solved by insulated walls, providing excellent thermal insulation, and autonomous heating, which can be learned in more detail from the characteristics of the housing at Each resident is able to independently control the temperature in the room, choosing a more comfortable option for themselves. Gas, water and electricity meters are also installed here, and even if problems arise, utility services fix everything as soon as possible.

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