Lemanso – an inexpensive solution to any electrical issues

The online store of electrical goods Lemanso offers everything you need for lighting in homes, apartments, offices, shops, hospitals, workshops, etc. And also for lighting decoration of premises and decoration of holidays, automation of systems, home security, assembly of backup lines in case of problems with energy supply and much more.


Lamps and light bulbs

The store catalog offers a wide selection of lighting lamps of various designs:

  • Incandescent lamps (classic).
  • Edison.
  • Reflex.
  • Luminescent.
  • Halogen.
  • LED (light-emitting diode).

Incandescent lamps come with E14 “Mignon” sockets, including matte ones, and E27 standard ones. Among both types there are flickering ones for night lights. There are healing infrared lamps E27, as well as lamps for refrigerators and sewing machines. Edison lamps with an increased scattering angle produce a kind of warm light that looks much more natural than from other artificial sources. Reflectors, which have part of the bulb with a mirror coating, release concentrated rays. Due to the redistribution of the light flux within a certain angle, they are well suited for localized decorative and special lighting of objects, as well as in rooms with high ceilings.

LED lamp Lemanso R50 7W 700LM 6500K 170-265V E14/ LM3817:

LED lamp Lemanso R50 7W 700LM 6500K 170-265V E14/ LM3817

In fluorescent or “daylight” lamps, a phosphor is applied to the bulb. Thanks to this, the energy of UV radiation released as a result of an electrical discharge causes the mercury-argon mixture filled with the flask to glow. Such lamps provide soft light, consume approximately 5 times less energy than classic ones, and are much more durable. The design of halogen lamps is similar to that of conventional lamps, but the bulb is filled with a buffer gas containing halogen vapor (bromine, iodine). Due to this, the intensity of tungsten evaporation is reduced. Compared to classic lighting devices, these lighting devices have twice the luminous efficiency and 2-4 times longer service life.

A Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamp is a high-tech device in which only the base and usually a matte diffuser are visible from the outside. The form of the latter may be different. Inside it, on a textolite printed circuit board with an aluminum substrate, there are LEDs that emit visible light. With a power of more than 15 W, an aluminum radiator is made at the bottom of the flask. The driver is installed in the base. It converts AC to DC and stabilizes the current for an even glow. LED lamps have a long service life and consume approximately 10 times less energy than classic ones.

Lamps and LED strips

In addition to various lamps and light bulbs, the store’s catalog contains all kinds of lamps: office, industrial and street, LED projectors, spotlights, flashlights and spotlights, battery-powered, SMART and others. There are regular and LED table lamps, with a “clothespin” and on a stand, as well as backlights with USB plugs. Garlands protected from mechanical damage will help create a festive atmosphere. And the bedroom will become more cozy with a night light in the form of a burning candle, an apple, a sun, a heart, a bee, a cat, a butterfly or a cute penguin. There are also LED strips, modules, neon and duralight.

Night light Lemanso Cat pink/ NL117:

Night light Lemanso Cat pink / NL117

A separate topic is insect exterminators. Harmless to people, silent in operation and effective, the lamps, unlike fumigators and ultrasonic repellers, do not drive away mosquitoes and flies, but destroy them. The operating principle is simple. Insects fly into the light of a UV lamp located in the device, land on a energized mesh stretched in front of it, die and fall into the pan. To avoid injury to children, the device is equipped with special protection. From the same series – repeller of moles and other rodents. The device looks like a large nail, which you just need to stick into the ground and turn on. Two batteries start a motor with an oscillating mechanism, due to which ultrasonic waves are emitted, which are unpleasant for animals.

Timers and motion sensors

Two more groups from the Lemanso range are timers and motion sensors. The first ones are needed to enter the program according to which the household equipment will then operate. For example, turn on the heater when the owner arrives. The catalog contains mechanical and electronic models. The latter are important elements of security systems. In addition, with their help you can save energy if you set the light to turn on at the moment when someone moves in the field of action of the sensor. These devices come in mortise-mounted, surface-mounted, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted types, as well as for spotlights. The latter are distinguished by enhanced dust and moisture protection.

Electrical installation equipment

A large group consists of products from the “Electrical installation equipment” section. Presented in several categories:

  • Power supply and stabilization – UPS, AVR, battery, power supply, incl. uninterrupted, memory, incl. intelligent pulse, inverters, stabilizers and load switches.
  • Portable chargers are power banks with protection against very deep discharge, low and high voltage, short circuit and overcharging.
  • Voltage relay, incl. into a socket, with current control and thermal protection.
  • Low-voltage equipment – circuit breakers, automatic circuit breakers, RCDs (difrele).
  • Boxes for automatic machines.
  • Products for smart home – lamps, timers, incl. with wi-fi, spotlights, garlands, lamps, motion sensors with wi-fi, controllers, wireless control modules.
  • Exhaust fans.
  • Electrical measuring instruments.
  • Doorbells.

There are also sockets and switches, power connectors, extension cords, buttons, sockets, mounting products and other products.

Uninterruptible power supply Lemanso 12V 60W LM40407 (with UPS function):

Uninterruptible power supply Lemanso 12V 60W LM40407 (with UPS function)


Any equipment must be connected, which requires tools. The Lemanso catalog contains keys separately and in sets, screwdrivers, incl. dielectric and with voltage indicators, soldering kits (soldering irons from 8 W, including with USB or auto plug, solder, gas soldering irons with additional nozzles, thermal pastes, soldering pastes, rosin), pliers, side cutters and other pliers , knives and scissors, magnifying glasses, tool sets, glue guns, sprayers and organizers.

Wholesale buyers are offered special conditions.

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