Levada residential complex reaches pre-war sales levels

Last year was, to put it mildly, difficult for Ukrainians and forced them to put off their dreams of housing for an indefinite period. It wasn’t easy for developers either. But the challenges of the Levada residential complex only motivate: construction here was one of the first to resume in the country, and now work is actively continuing!

Residential complex

Moreover, it is already possible to declare significant successes: the positive growth of indicators in the reports regularly conducted by the company speaks for itself.

When it comes to construction, numbers are the most convincing. So, in March, the level of apartment sales in the Levada residential complex was 56% of the level in peacetime. And already in April, judging by the bookings, we can confidently talk about reaching 82% of the pre-war level of housing sales.

The return to a stable pace of work in the Levada residential complex is based on simple and unshakable principles.

1. Construction is progressing quickly

Work on comfortable housing in the Levada residential complex with its own infrastructure, park area and lake is literally in full swing!

In the first quarter of 2023 alone, a large amount of work was completed: the frame of the building, the technical floor, the laying of external and internal walls, the roof… The glazing of windows, electrical wiring, installation continues, preparations for delivery are in full swing.

The surrounding area also takes on a well-groomed and finished look.

Construction is progressing at such a fast pace that future residents can’t go wrong if they book their dream apartment right now.

Residential complex

2. A reliable developer is working on the Levada residential complex

“Agrobudmekhanizatsiya” is a stable construction enterprise with more than 1000 highly qualified specialists and modern construction equipment. The developer has long earned trust among partners and clients.

The company has an impressive portfolio: from shopping and shopping and entertainment complexes to multi-storey residential buildings, from industrial facilities to utility networks throughout Ukraine.

At all the developer’s facilities, work is completed within the planned time frame in compliance with Ukrainian and international standards.

3. Our best marketing move is recommendations from satisfied clients.

The residential complex spares no effort and resources to provide high-quality and comfortable housing to as many Ukrainians as possible. And also so that those who are looking for them know about their dream apartments!

Therefore, the Levada residential complex takes care of promotions not only on boards, but also on the Internet, social networks and on the official website, you can always get answers to questions and detailed consultations.

But the most important “advertising” is, of course, recommendations from satisfied clients who have already booked an apartment in a comfortable complex, and industry specialists who know the intricacies of the construction market.

Residential complex

4. Residential complex “Levada” – a unique project for Boryspil

To summarize, it should be added that there are simply no analogues of the Levada residential complex in Boryspil.

A comfortable block-type complex will be an ideal home, cozy and calm and at the same time full of life. “Levada” has its own developed infrastructure: a shopping center, a park area with a lake, 2 sports and 7 children’s playgrounds; as well as a sufficient number of parking spaces.

At the moment, apartments are available in the building of the last, seventh stage of construction. Therefore, you should not put off your life and the desired home for later!

For any questions, please contact the sales department levada.kiev.ua

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