Maintenance of real estate in Portugal in 2019

Maintenance of real estate in Portugal includes the following costs:

Monthly utility bills, which include water, electricity and gas. If central gas is not installed, cylinders are used (the average price of one cylinder is 50 euros). In general, the approximate cost of utilities in Portugal per month can be calculated using the formula 1.2 euros/m2.

In some cities and regions of Portugal, fixed rates for water are used – about 10-20 euros, and electricity – 40-50 euros per apartment.

  1. The payment for waste removal is 5-8 euros per month.
  2. Television and Internet will cost 30-50 euros monthly.
  3. If the apartment is located in a residential complex with its own swimming pool, tennis court and other infrastructure, then the owners bear additional costs for maintaining the complex – from 300 euros per year.

Thus, the annual maintenance of an apartment with an area of ​​80-100 m2 will cost approximately 2,000 euros.
Maintaining a villa with a swimming pool will cost a little more – about 5,000 euros per year.

Utilities in some cities in Portugal

Let’s look at the cost of maintaining real estate in some cities in Portugal using the example of paying for utilities. The data is current for 2019 and represents the amount of monthly payments for the use of electricity, water, heating, as well as garbage collection, Internet and television:

  • Porto: utilities – €103, Internet and TV package – €29;
  • Algarve: utilities – €92, Internet and TV package – €28;
  • Cascais: utilities – €90, Internet and TV package – €31;
  • Almada: utilities – €90, Internet and television package – €28.

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