Marina Porto Montenegro in Montenegro

Porto Montenegro in Tivat

Not far from Tivat Airport, which is the second in the country after its capital, Podgorica, is the city of Tivat itself. Located in the Bay of Kotor, it is not much different from other resort seaside settlements, if not for the fashionable yacht club Porto Montenegro, the Regent Hotel and, of course, the most important attraction of Tivat – the Porto Montenegro yacht marina, which in its infrastructure and its appearance can be compared with the best marinas of the Adriatic Sea.

Previously, the bay, where Porto Montenegro in Tivat is now located, served for military purposes – in particular, the repair of submarines, which is why it received the name “Arsenal”. However, in the middle of the last decade, with independence, the Montenegrin authorities decided to sell the former shipyard, owned by Canadian millionaire Peter Munch. It was he who initiated the transformation of the territory of the former plant into a luxurious parking lot for private ships, although, in fact, the matter was not limited to this function.

The author of the project considered it necessary to build hotels, shops of famous brands, a sports complex, including a golf course, a museum “Collection of Maritime Heritage”, an art gallery, as well as many cafes and restaurants. Many of the projects were implemented after 2016, when Marina Porto Montenegro became the property of the Dubai Investment Fund from the UAE. Among similar luxury yacht marinas, it stands out with the so-called “blue flag”, which in Europe indicates the cleanliness of the water and the improvement of the surrounding area, as well as another honorary badge – “five anchors”, which is awarded for highly professional servicing of various vessels.

Recently, Porto Montenegro in Tivat has become the “sea gate” of the country, where border and customs control is carried out. Both procedures are simplified to the extreme, so you can save maximum time on them and go exploring local attractions, which, of course, are worth it.

Yacht Club Porto Montenegro


In addition to parking for more than 650 yachts of all sizes, which is facilitated by the deep depth of the bay and the almost complete absence of waves, tourists are attracted by the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club. On its territory there is a swimming pool, fitness center, restaurant, night club, bar and conference room. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are rowing sessions for both beginners and professionals, as well as tennis, squash, bowling and cricket.

At the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club, it is possible to rent a yacht of your choice for a day, and for those who just want to try sailing, the club staff will help you do this. In the immediate vicinity there is the Sailing School educational center, where you can learn the basics of sailing, take the necessary training course and pass the exam for the right to operate a yacht, for which a special license is required. Current members of the yacht club have the opportunity to take part in sailing races on single and double boats, as well as rowing boats.

For “gold card” holders there are a lot of discounts that apply to immediate family members, free rental of a sailing vessel and free participation in various rowing competitions. Membership in the sailing squadron and sports club, where you can choose free lessons in two sports, provides access to all the special programs of the foreign partners of the Porto Montenegro yacht club. Finally, preferential prices are set for staying at the luxury Regent hotel and using its services.

Hotel Regent in Porto Montenegro


Without a doubt, of the eight fashionable hotels located in this small cozy bay, the Regent apart-hotel, which was commissioned just five years ago, has no equal in all respects. It can be identified by its terracotta tiled roof, which, according to the plans of the builders, should remind of the fact that in the Middle Ages Montenegro was under the rule of the Venetian Republic. The Regent Hotel in Porto Montenegro has two buildings, one of which is named after Venice.

Its main feature is the fact that less than half of the total area is allocated for hotel rooms, and the rest is private apartments, which only wealthy buyers can purchase.

Suffice it to say that a modest studio with an area of ​​less than 30 square meters will cost around two hundred thousand euros, which is at least five times more expensive than similar housing in a fairly decent location in any other city in Montenegro, and a penthouse designed for millionaires will exceed the five million euro mark. If you want to spend a holiday in Tivat and choose the Regent Hotel in Porto Montenegro, you should be prepared for prices approaching 200 euros per night.

This price level for a luxury hotel is completely justified, since Regent has all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable and carefree holiday. The hotel itself has a gourmet restaurant, a library bar, an elite fitness center, two swimming pools, a spa, a Turkish bath, a sauna and a meeting room. Everything indicates that prices at this hotel will continue to rise due to the increasing number of wealthy tourists arriving in Montenegro on their own yachts through Tivat.

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