Marketing Tools for Real Estate Agents

The real estate business currently does not fully utilize the World Wide Web. And this is strange, because the possibilities of the Internet are almost limitless and will allow even a novice real estate agent to create a reputation for themselves and enter into competition in a rather saturated market. Let’s look at the most accessible online marketing tools that can (and should!) complement traditional marketing tools in the real estate industry.

Online Marketing Tools

  1. Web site

For a professional realtor, your own web resource will be the first and most important tool for promoting your business through the World Wide Web. This is undeniable. However, most agents working in agencies neglect this tool, believing that the company should take care of the website.

Your own Internet resource is the most important tool for business promotion

Yes, a real estate agency must have a company website, although some, especially in the outback, still manage to do without it. But every self-respecting realtor who wants to present himself as a qualified professional and achieve a tangible increase in sales should have his own blog or website. Such a resource will allow you to become the most independent realtor, sell more properties and, accordingly, earn more. The site gives the real estate agent a reputation as a professional who is in touch with his clients every day and hour.

Do not confuse your own resource with free pages on social networks or LiveJournal accounts. They look frivolous, so they can only be used as an additional tool. Only your own website will be a reflection of your undeniable professionalism and readiness to interact with clients at any time. You can make a website yourself or order it from web designers. For the most advanced users, it is recommended to use the WordPress platform.

Web resources always allow you to present the advertised object in a unique and comprehensive way. Imagine how your business will benefit if the correct advertisement for a house, apartment or commercial real estate is placed on your own Internet resource.

  1. Contextual and banner advertising

The mastery of creating and launching contextual advertising is another powerful tool that a serious real estate agent must master. It is contextual advertising that allows you to launch an ad about a new property within a few minutes after its appearance. But for some reason this tool is also underestimated, especially in small cities, although the penetration of the international network into the life of the population is constantly growing. The average user is in no hurry to go for the latest newspaper with advertisements, preferring to learn everything about real estate offers while staying in the apartment.

Example of banner advertising

All real estate specialists (both agency heads and every realtor) need to master the skill of creating contextual advertising. Watching videos or reading an article will convince you that online advertising is not difficult. A couple of days of practice and you will learn how to post advertisements for your properties in a few minutes.

  1. Information product

This is already a professional tool that is used by first-class specialists to conquer the real estate Olympus in their city. An information product will not provide a global breakthrough, but it is necessary for a realtor’s personal brand. What is an information product? Perhaps it will be a video course, a lecture in audio format, or a written book, that is, a product posted on your website that you give away for free in exchange for customer contacts.

With the help of information products, several problems are solved at once:

  • contact information of a potential client is obtained (after this you can send him commercial offers or write information letters);
  • your status as an expert in the real estate industry increases (even the very presence of any product indicates how serious you are about your work);
  • There is no longer a lot of repetitive and sometimes downright stupid questions constantly asked by clients. After your course or seminar, people will be more knowledgeable, and you will no longer have to explain basic things to them.

To create your information product, choose a format (e-book, audio or video) and think about the topic that you would like to cover and what problem to solve. And don’t be afraid to tell people valuable secrets! The more interesting and useful the client learns from your material, the sooner he will call, as he will want to use the services of a qualified specialist, that is, you.

  1. Using all available Internet resources: forums, social networks, puppets, trap pages…
  2. Viral marketing is very effective, for example “Video Attack”, that is, videos posted on YouTube, RUTube and other similar resources.
  3. Posting information about your properties on leading real estate websites. High-quality photographs of objects and professionally filmed videos will allow clients to “visit” the object.
  4. Using Google maps displays the exact location of the object along with the infrastructure, and the client will be able to analyze how to get to the object, what is located nearby, etc.
  5. Advertising in electronic versions of international printed publications.
  6. Registration of each new object in a common database, to which thousands of agents and hundreds of agencies have access.
  7. Posting information on our resourcewhich is sufficiently visible to potential buyers and tenants.

Traditional Marketing Media

Of course, no one is canceling those methods of real estate advertising that existed long before the Internet era. You can continue to spend energy, time and money on:

  • advertising in the media (on television, radio, newspapers, business magazines and specialized publications);
  • outdoor advertising that impacts the local community, which is often a win-win option for real estate (and you don’t have to order expensive billboards here; you can get by with banner banners, small-format signs, and city signs);
  • the usual posting of advertisements.
Remember that online marketing tools are much faster and cheaper than anything used offline

Don’t neglect all this, but remember that online marketing tools are much faster and cheaper than anything used offline. And well-planned and executed online real estate marketing allows you to achieve maximum results at minimal cost.

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