Maternity capital in 2022: conditions, amount and other nuances

Matkapital is a special program developed by the Russian government to provide financial support to families with children. Its validity period ends in 2026. Initially, this support measure was aimed at families who had a second child or subsequent children, but since 2020 it has been changed, according to which it has become available to those families where the first child was born (or adopted).
Families who have had a child since the beginning of 2020 (no matter whether it is the first, second or subsequent), can count on funds from maternity capital. Instead of money, the family will receive a certificate that can be used to pay for their children’s education, purchase a home, and so on.

Conditions for receiving maternity capital

The certificate will be issued only to a Russian citizen who has given birth to a child or adopted one. Moreover, now it does not matter what kind of child this child is in the family – the first, second or subsequent. The recipient can also be a man if he is the sole caregiver of the child, and the mother was refused a certificate or she died. In addition, the child himself can also act as a recipient of the certificate if he has not reached the age of majority. In addition, a full-time student can also receive a certificate (up to 23 years of age).

If the mother or father has committed a crime against the child, then they cannot become recipients of funds from maternity capital.

Maternal capital size

Last year, maternity capital was increased for the first time in recent years. In 2021, it was indexed by 3.7%, and therefore the payment currently amounts to 483,881 rubles.

The size of maternity capital will be increased by 4% in 2022 and 2023 and will amount to slightly more than 503 thousand rubles next year. But it is worth knowing that the size of the payment will depend on exactly when the child was born: before 01/01/2020 or after this date. For example, if a child was born or adopted before January 1 of last year, then the payment will be the value indicated above. If the date of his birth or adoption is later than 01/01/2020, then the payments will be as follows:
• 639,431 rubles in the current year;
• 665,009 rubles in 2022;
• 691,609 rubles in 2023.
For recipients of maternity capital, an innovation is also the fact that in order to obtain it there will be no need to submit any applications, since the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation will take the data from the civil registry office itself. You can find out that a family can receive maternity capital on the State Services portal, where a corresponding notification will be sent.

Now the government agency has only 5 working days to issue a certificate, and not 15, as was previously the case. Among the changes in the procedure for calculating maternity capital, it is also worth highlighting the fact that now this money can also be used for a payment on a rural mortgage.

Matkapital is a measure of support for families whose income is less than 2 subsistence minimum per person. At the same time, the cost of living varies depending on the region. For example, in 2021 the government set the PM at 24,800 rubles.

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