Office requirements and rental prices will rise due to ESG

Modern office buildings are an important part of the ESG strategy for many companies. However, the real estate market in the Czech Republic is not yet fully prepared for the new requirements. Even construction projects planned for the next few years will not solve this problem, since compliance with strict standards and certification requirements requires both procedural and financial costs.

Tenants in the Czech Republic will have to prepare for higher costs when applying the new ESG standards, as buildings that meet these requirements will cost significantly more. There are currently several office buildings under construction in the Czech Republic with the highest LEED Platinum certification in combination with WELL and WELL H&S. However, it will be several years before the first carbon-neutral office building is built. This is because it needs to be planned during the design and pre-construction phase, so the first projects meeting these standards are not expected to be completed until 2027-2028

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