Property on the lakes in Italy

Buying real estate on the lakes of Italy

On the Apennine Peninsula, unlike many regions of Western Europe, real estate on lakes in Italy is especially popular. First of all, this applies to the most famous not only in the country, but also beyond its borders, lakes Como, Garda and Maggiore, which have long been chosen by representatives of the Russian-speaking diaspora.

Each of these reservoirs is unique in its own way, and the luxurious villas built on its banks are suitable for different categories of foreign buyers.

Recently, Lugano and Iseo, which are more affordable for a wide range of people, have joined the top three popular lakes in Italy for purchasing real estate. The democratic pricing policy and fairly developed infrastructure of these regions are increasingly attracting foreigners who want to acquire a summer residence or a home for permanent residence.

The same applies to purchasing housing on Lake Lugano, where new spacious apartments can be purchased for less than one and a half million euros. The price of villas on this lake starts from about 1.2 million euros, which is not least influenced by the proximity of the Swiss border.

Most often, apartments, penthouses and villas are offered for sale in the villages of Campione d’Italia, Porlezzo and Osteno, and when it comes to detached houses, their indispensable attribute is a garden and a swimming pool.

Real estate in Italy on Lake Como


However, Russian and other buyers of real estate on lakes in Italy have already developed their own certain stereotype. And in this regard, Lake Como, the infrastructure of local settlements which is aimed at recreation for the local and foreign elite, still has no equal.

Here you can find many attractions and entertainment that can interest the most discerning public. It is no coincidence that Como retains a leading position in terms of preferences of both foreign and local multimillionaires.

Bohemians from different countries are attracted here by the developed infrastructure, as well as complete confidentiality for those who are planning to buy property on Lake Como. There are enough villas on the island with helipads and berths for private boats. Naturally, all these pleasures are not cheap, but for those who want to maintain their incognito, the price is not of paramount importance.

In Como you can buy both apartments in a residential complex – on average for 200-400 thousand euros – and luxury villas, the price of which starts from half a million euros in its most modest version. If we add to the available real estate on Lake Como a location on the first line of the beach, a private beach, not to mention the furnishings in the style of a “smart home”, then the price will fluctuate between 4-7 million euros.

Property prices on Lake Garda


Young families with children usually prefer to settle in apartments, houses and villas located in close proximity to Lake Garda, since there is a lot of children’s entertainment in this region. The beaches are also ideal for little ones, as they not only have a safe, gentle entrance, but also a variety of play areas.

In addition, the water here is considered environmentally friendly, so real estate prices on Lake Garda are also aimed mainly at people with above-average incomes.

However, in coastal settlements such as Desenzano del Garda, Moniga del Garda, Lonato del Garda, it is quite possible to find not only fashionable villas costing from ten million euros, but also cozy houses, townhouses and apartments , the price of which is less than 500 thousand euros.

Luxury real estate on Lake Garda, which is the largest in Italy, is mainly concentrated on its northern coast. In turn, the southern coast is largely famous for the thermal resort of Sirmione, which attracts tourists with thermal springs.

In other areas of Lake Garda, the cost of real estate depends on a number of factors – in particular, the year the building was built, renovation, view of the lake and distance to it. An important role is played by which region – Brescia, Verona or Trento – the property is located from. The cheapest in this regard is the coast of Verona, where the cost of one square meter on average starts from 2 thousand euros. The maximum usually reaches 5-6 thousand euros per sq.m.

Property on Lake Maggiore


Finally, real estate on Lake Maggiore, which, like Garda, covers three regions – Lombardy, Piedmont and the Italian part of Switzerland, is mainly represented by luxury villas, houses and apartments in residential complexes. Foreigners are attracted here not only by the mild, warm climate, but also by the proximity of Milan and Malpensa International Airport.

If previously real estate on Lake Maggiore was bought mainly by aristocrats and representatives of creative professions, now ordinary connoisseurs of beauty are paying attention to these picturesque places.

Particularly popular among both citizens of other countries and Italians themselves are cities such as Stresa, Verbania, Locarno, where prices look more affordable compared to Como and Garda. In the same Stresa, which is not without reason called the local “pearl”, you can buy real estate on Lake Maggiore – and not far from the shore – for less than one and a half million. On the other hand, here too there is a choice of truly exclusive housing, which is a true decoration of the coast.

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