Property taxes in the Czech Republic

Any owner of real estate in the Czech Republic, regardless of residence, must pay property taxes. Moreover, tax rates are the same for foreigners and citizens of the country.

Until December 31 of the year in which the property was purchased in the Czech Republic, the new owner of the property is required to register with the tax office in the region where the property is located. The amount of annual property tax depends on many factors: the type of property, its area and the region in which it is located. However, the tax amounts are relatively small – on average about 50 euros per year for an apartment and 100 euros for a residential building.

There is also a tax on profits from renting out an apartment if you receive income over 600 euros. In this case, the owner must file a tax return and pay a tax of 15%. From the taxable amount, you can deduct the actual expenses incurred for maintaining the home, for example, the cost of repairs. If you need help filling out your tax return, the services of an accountant will cost approximately 50 euros.

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