Property types in Italy: Buyer’s Guide

Italian real estate: from economy options to luxury housing

Unlike most highly developed European countries, Italy has a very wide selection of residential real estate, which can satisfy a wide variety of needs.

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And although the purchase of real estate in Italy does not give the right to obtain a residence permit, regardless of the amount of the purchase and sale transaction, the number of Russian citizens who want to acquire a “second home” on the Apennine Peninsula does not decrease in any way. The types of real estate in Italy are surprising in their diversity, as well as the range of prices, which is determined by a number of factors. The most significant of them include:

  • age and condition of the object – both internal and external decoration;

  • geographical location – it is no secret that luxury apartments in the south of the peninsula are sometimes much cheaper than modest apartments in the center of Milan or Venice, not to mention such fashionable resorts as Forte dei Marmi or Viareggio;

  • area and layout, since quite often the kitchen in Italian apartments and houses is essentially combined with the living room, from which it is separated only by a bar counter, and a balcony or terrace is virtually absent in the usual sense of the word.

The most affordable types of real estate in Italy

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1.Studio (studio)

In Italy, a “studio” is an apartment with an area of ​​no more than 50 square meters, where the kitchen, bedroom and living room are one whole. The only separate room is the bathroom, which is separated by a main wall and cannot be redeveloped. At the same time, the construction of partitions is not prohibited in the rest of the area, due to which the studio can be turned into something like a one-room apartment (monolocale). This Italian property is most suitable for single people who spend most of their time away from home.

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2.Appartamento (apartments)

The “apartments” category includes types of real estate in Italy with two or three bedrooms, and they are the most popular among Russian citizens who consider themselves to be in the so-called “middle class”. In most cases, apartments are located in apartment buildings, so before purchasing them, it would be useful to familiarize yourself with the rules of the housing association and obtain information about your future neighbors, who sometimes, due to their national temperament, can be very noisy. First of all, this applies to secondary real estate, although no one is immune from this problem in new buildings. One of the most profitable acquisitions in this price category is actually a two-story apartment on the top floor of the building (attico) with access to the roof, where in the summer you can set up an impromptu solarium or recreation area. In the case when the apartment is located on the “zero” – in the usual sense in Russia, the first – floor, it is also accompanied by a small plot of land where you can plant a small flower garden.

You can see apartments and apartments in Italy available for purchase by following the link.

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3. A house in a city or village that requires renovation

On the one hand, the frequent offers for the sale of houses in small Italian towns and villages at incredibly low prices (even for one euro!) are true. However, it should be borne in mind that such Italian real estate actually involves quite large expenses to make it suitable for habitation. And, as a rule, local authorities impose many conditions regarding the preservation of the appearance of the building, the demolition of which and the construction of a new building in its place is out of the question. However, major repairs will cost much less than buying or building a new house, although such an object in 99% of cases will be located at a decent distance from all the benefits of civilization.

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Real estate in Italy in the middle price category

1.Сasa indipendente (detached house)

This definition includes all residential buildings that are separated in one way or another from all others and designed for the residence of one family (monofamiliare). Typically, such houses are isolated from their neighbors by a fence, but the adjacent plot of land is too small to arrange a children’s playground or a very modest garden on it.

Houses for sale in Italy can be seen here

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2.Casa bifamiliare (“Townhouse”)

This definition (another option is “duplex”) includes types of real estate in Italy, which, on the one hand, are separate houses with their own plots of land, but at the same time have a common wall with their neighbors. Of course, each of these “combined” houses has its own separate entrance, garage, as well as utility rooms, which are usually equipped with a billiard room, sauna or even a gym.

Townhouses in Italy for purchase via the link

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3.Chalet/trullo (“Chalet”)

The types of real estate in Italy offered for sale are by no means limited to the coasts where the most popular resorts are located. Quite a lot of potential home buyers in Italy are trying to find a “second home” at a decent distance from the main tourist routes. In this case, the ideal option is a “chalet” – essentially a cottage typical of the Swiss and Italian Alps. The choice of this option is mainly chosen by regulars of ski resorts, although many of the “chalets” are equipped with everything necessary (swimming pool, garden, sports ground) for a good rest at any time of the year.

Luxury real estate in Italy

1.Villa (villa)

The luxury segment, which means elite Italian real estate, primarily includes villas. Their fundamental difference from detached houses is the presence of large plots of land, part of which is allocated for a garden, lawn or grape plantations and has its own swimming pool, tennis court or even a small football field. Some of these villas have their own access to the sea and beach, since, unlike Spain, Italian beaches can be privately owned. Of course, those wishing to purchase such an Italian property must also take into account the considerable costs of maintaining au pairs, who, in the absence of the owner, will take care of the garden, lawn and pool, as well as carry out all other tasks of paramount importance.

Villas in Italy for sale here

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2.Castello (castle)

The global financial and economic crisis has not spared even the wealthiest families in Italy with a rich pedigree. Some of them were forced to put up their family properties for sale, including medieval castles that had belonged to them for many decades, or even hundreds, of years. Quite often, such castles are sold together with the surrounding areas where shops, bars, restaurants and other infrastructure are located, including pastures for livestock and vineyards.

Of course, such real estate in Italy is valued at several million euros (real estate on the Italian lakes – Como, Garda, Iseo and Maggiore is especially valued), and such private property is reliably protected from prying eyes.

To see stunning castles and estates in Italy, follow this link

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