Real estate in Sanremo, Italy

Property in Sanremo – La Pigna area

The westernmost resort of the Ligurian coast of Italy is the famous city of San Remo, which is famous for its Italian song festivals. In this locality, life is in full swing not only in summer, but also at any time of the year due to the presence of many nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques and casinos, as well as the proximity of Monaco and French Nice. However, in this case, the high cost of life does not determine its quality. An example of this is La Pigna, which can rightfully be called the medieval district of Sanremo.

Local authorities decided to preserve the charm of the Middle Ages. The narrow streets remained paved with stone. And the San Remo real estate market is dominated by old housing stock.

In view of this, the value of real estate in Sanremo, in the oldest area, is primarily determined by:

  • quality of finishing of premises,
  • the degree of dilapidation of the building.

Among the real estate offers in Sanremo you can find one-bedroom apartments priced up to 50 thousand euros. In most cases, such objects require investment in repairs. At the same time, the owner must know that the external appearance of the building should not be changed during the construction process.

Despite its status, Sanremo is not the most expensive city on the Ligurian coast, as one might assume. In the few La Pigna houses that have been rebuilt, prices for similar housing are approximately four times higher.

If we are talking about detached houses, which hardly fit the definition of a classic “villa,” then the average price is 600 thousand euros. And, of course, Alfred Nobel’s villa, located at the very top, where the famous scientist spent his last years of life, is not for sale.

Property in Sanremo – San Romolo area


Despite the fact that San Remo is the fourth largest and most populous city on the Ligurian coast, the city looks quite compact, and there are few areas for living in it. In addition, some of them, due to the presence of many entertainment venues, are subject to severe noise and acoustic pollution.

For a long holiday or permanent residence, the quiet area of ​​​​San Romolo, which is located approximately 10 km from the center, is most suitable. On one side it is limited by the sea, on the other by dense chestnut and coniferous forests.

The San Romolo area is very popular with picnickers and motorcyclists. For the latter, numerous routes have been laid here. This has left its mark on consumer demand for real estate in the area. The cost of a villa in this area often does not exceed 500,000 euros.

By the way, a distinctive feature of the city of San Remo is that wealthy foreigners, among whom Germans, French, British and Scandinavians predominate, consider not only San Remo itself, but also nearby villages for purchasing real estate. You can familiarize yourself with the procedure for purchasing real estate in Italy here.

Thus, artists, sculptors and representatives of other creative professions chose the settlement of Bussana Vecchia as their permanent residence, but at the end of the twentieth century it was destroyed by an earthquake.

Luxury real estate in Sanremo


Average prices for luxury real estate in Sanremo are inferior to the tiny town of Portofino. However, here you can also find villas, mansions and even ancient castles at a price of 12-20 thousand euros per square meter. Such properties in San Remo are located almost throughout the city. There is no separate place for its concentration. Although most often you can find prestigious housing in Solaro and San Martino.

The Solaro area is attractive not only for its developed infrastructure, but also for the sports complex of the same name. It offers fitness, football, tennis and other sports, and for lovers of passive relaxation there is a Finnish sauna.

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