Residence permit in Thailand

Purchasing real estate in Thailand is not grounds for obtaining a residence permit. Russian citizens are limited to staying in Thailand for up to 30 days without first obtaining a visa. After 30 days, you must request a long-term visa, or leave Thailand and re-enter.

How to get a residence permit in Thailand

One type of long-term visa in Thailand is a study visa. It can be obtained for one year, for example, by enrolling in English language courses.

The second most popular type of long-term visa is a business visa, which is opened based on the registration of a company. Let us remind you that an important point in opening a company in Thailand by a non-resident of the kingdom is that 51% of the shares must belong to citizens (citizens) of the country. We wrote about this in more detail in the article “Purchasing real estate in Thailand.” To request a visa extension after a year, you must provide evidence of a truly operating profitable company.

Another option for a long-term stay in Thailand is employment with a local company. Obtaining a work visa is provided only for foreign citizens with a high level of qualifications and a certain specialization. A work visa to Thailand is issued subject to a signed contract with a Thai employer.

It is worth highlighting the receipt of a long-term visa in Thailand under the “Thailand Elite” loyalty program, under which the applicant is issued a VIP membership card subject to a one-time contribution of $15,000 and an annual contribution of $600 to the state treasury. This type of visa is issued for 5-20 years. The term depends on the size of the down payment. Developers of luxury complexes often offer their clients participation in the “Thailand Elite” program, which serves as a pleasant bonus for purchasing apartments in Thailand.

You can obtain a residence permit in Thailand if you meet a number of conditions:

  • three or more extensions of one of the types of long-term visas (for example, study);
  • providing complete information about assets and income, marital status, etc.;
  • knowledge of the Thai language and the ability to undergo a personal interview with a Thai official;
  • presence of compelling reasons for obtaining a residence permit in Thailand, for example, being married to a citizen of the Kingdom, investing in a Thai business of at least $32,000, and more.

There is a quota limiting the number of residence permits issued in Thailand to no more than 100 foreign residents of one country per year.

Obtaining permanent residence in Thailand when investing in real estate

In Thailand, there are no government programs for foreigners to obtain permanent residence when investing in real estate. It is possible to obtain a residence permit in Thailand only if the applicant meets the above points.

A residence permit in Thailand can be extended an unlimited number of times. However, applications for citizenship by foreigners are almost never granted.

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