Residential complex “Legendary Quarter on the Botanical Garden”

Each of us strives for comfort. And we are not just talking about a cozy nest, where coffee smells fragrant in the morning, children’s laughter is heard, and where you want to return after a hard day at work. Everyone wants to surround themselves as much as possible with the benefits of civilization and a lot of greenery, without spending a lot of time on the road, shopping, sports, cosmetic procedures and other such important things.

Today it is extremely difficult to find housing that will satisfy all needs, although there are plenty of offers on the market. But the developer “D-Invest” managed in the residential complex “Legendary Quarter on the Botanical Garden” not only to combine quality, comfort and its own developed infrastructure, but also to create a special atmosphere of silence and good neighborliness just 20 minutes from the center of Moscow.

“The Legendary Quarter has a huge number of advantages: I would like to highlight the beauty of the buildings, the architecture, the location – next to the metro and the Botanical Garden, a beautiful park on the Yauza River. And also good neighbors around,” emphasized Vladislav Semenov, General Director of D-Invest.

Thus, the main advantages of the residential complex “Legendary Quarter on the Botanical Garden”:

— 6 ready-made buildings,
— an investment-attractive project (rental rate 7-8% per annum, against 4-5% on average in Moscow),
– surrounded by parks and squares,
– with its own water sports center,
— 10 minutes from the Botanical Garden metro station,
– developed infrastructure,
– panoramic glazing,
– spectacular views.

On the private territory of the complex, which is under constant security control, there will be not only 7 houses of various heights with underground parking and spacious floor halls, but also its own shopping center, sports complex, as well as coffee shops, bakeries and beauty salons – the project provides for everything about anything you can dream of. Moreover, 6 out of 7 buildings have already been put into operation and are ready to open their doors to new residents right now. It is noteworthy that side by side with the residential complex “Legendary Quarter on the Botanical Garden” there are real green bushes: the Main Botanical Garden named after N.V. Tsitsin RAS, a monument to the Moscow and Peter the Great Baroque – the Sviblovo Estate, as well as the Altufevsky Nature Reserve, within the boundaries which contains specially protected natural monuments “Old trees in the Altufyevo estate” and “Spring on Altufevsky Stream”. Today, few people can boast of living in such a green area! And, as you know, this is the key to a good mood and good health.

Thought out to the smallest detail

In monolithic frame buildings of 17-18 floors with friendly concierges, there are apartments with an open plan, studios, 1, 2, 3-room apartments, euro-room apartments and euro-three-room apartments. The rich selection will not leave even the most picky buyer indifferent. The ceiling is especially striking – it can be either three or four meters high, which will allow you to bring to life the most extraordinary design solutions. The main thing is that absolutely all apartments are united by high quality materials and engineering solutions.

“The complex is built in a very modern style – there is advanced engineering equipment, so there should not be any difficulties in the form of rusty water, blackouts, power surges or anything else. This is a fairly well-thought-out complex in terms of air conditioning systems – they are put away in baskets. Everything is done in advance so that residents don’t have to think about it. The complex is cool,” said Vladimir Medvedkov, a representative of the management company LLC Management Company “Berezhlivaya”.

Thus, thanks to the ventilated facade system, the beauty and strength of the house will remain for decades. Moreover, the air conditioners do not violate the aesthetics of the facade – they are securely hidden from prying eyes in special niches. The houses will never be hot in summer or cold in winter – double insulation of the walls is responsible for comfortable living, and double glazed windows will preserve silence and clean air in the apartment. An interesting architectural solution is panoramic glazing in all apartments on the last three floors of the complex. This will allow you to wake up with the first rays of the sun, admire the blooming Botanical Garden or the Ostankino TV Tower, or maybe VDNKh, and in the evening admire the unique sunsets.

Today, sports are more relevant than ever, they have burst into our lives, and we can’t think of a day without training. You can find a second wind, recharge your batteries, or vice versa – relax, and also improve your physical shape practically without leaving home! Just imagine – right on the territory of the residential complex “Legendary Quarter on the Botanical Garden” there will be a modern water sports center “Dynamo” with four pool lanes of 25 meters each.

After a workout, you undoubtedly want to treat yourself to something delicious, undergo a cosmetic procedure, or purchase something important for your family. For all this, there is absolutely no need to go beyond the boundaries of the complex – a two-story shopping gallery with an area of ​​more than 5 thousand square meters will open in the fifth building. m, where you can find all the necessary goods and services. And, of course, playgrounds and special play areas will be organized for little fidgets.

It is noteworthy that the architects thought through the design to the smallest detail: the color scheme of the facades of the buildings stands out from other projects in the location, but at the same time harmoniously combines with the green shades of the surrounding parks and gardens.

“In the complex, we used panoramic glazing on the upper floors, developed a powerful underground parking with a large number of parking spaces and created a very developed sports function. In building 6, 3 floors are occupied by gyms,” said Vasily Khakhalin, the chief architect of the project.

In addition, the residential complex “Legendary Quarter on the Botanical Garden” is also profitable. Firstly, it will require a minimum amount of investment: each investment is 1 million rubles. will bring the investor more than 177 thousand rubles. in year. Secondly, when working with agents, the developer aims for long-term and fruitful cooperation, for which he increased the commission to 4.5%, which does not affect the client in any way.

To summarize, the residential complex “Legendary Quarter on the Botanical Garden” is an ideal place for everyone who dreams of owning their own home. The complex undoubtedly has a number of advantages over other projects. Save energy on everyday small things so you can spend more time with your loved ones. Think, maybe the apartment is waiting for you, and receive the keys right on the day of the transaction!

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