Holidays in Montenegro, which Russian tourists and real estate buyers fell in love with in the last decade, are not limited to such “promoted” places as Budva, Kotor, Bar, Herceg Novi or a luxurious residential and yacht complex in Tivat, very close to the country’s second airport.

On the territory of Montenegro – and this is how the name of the country sounds in most languages ​​- “Black Mountain” (in the authentic version Crna Gora) there are quite a few secluded corners where local residents and property owners in Montenegro would like to be in peace and quiet, away from crowds tourists. One of these places is the Canj resort in Montenegro, although due to its small size it cannot accommodate everyone, despite the low prices.

The village of Canj in Montenegro


Chanj is part of the Bar Riviera, but unlike many other settlements in the region, it is not a city, but just a small village. There are no usual supermarkets or shopping centers here, but in small shops you can buy everything you need – from food to clothing.

Chan is located between Budva and Bar, and if you wish, you can make a trip to one of these cities, where the range of goods in local commercial establishments is much more diverse.

However, people go to the Canj resort in Montenegro not for shopping, but for a relaxing holiday, which mainly takes place on a unique beach called Pearl or Biserny.

Canj beach in Montenegro on the map:

It received this name due to the fact that the mixture covering it consists of small pebbles and sand. The length of the beach is one and a half kilometers, therefore, given the number of vacationers, you can always find a free place and not pay for an umbrella and sunbed.

In addition to visiting cafes and restaurants, local entertainment includes trips on catamarans and motor boats, so local life cannot be called “bubbling”. True, there are several discos and nightclubs, but they close early enough and do not interfere with the rest of most tourists.

Canj district in Montenegro


One of the main differences of the Canj region in Montenegro is its unique microclimate – milder than in most resort areas on the coast due to its isolation and protection from bad weather by high mountain ranges. In addition, this place is perfect not only for retirees who love peace and quiet, but also for families with small children due to the gentle entrance to the sea.

The “Pearl” beach has all the necessary infrastructure – changing rooms, showers, sports grounds, so for such a small village it is absolutely civilized and not “wild”.

The same can be said about hotels located both on the first and second lines from the sea. Prices there are significantly lower than at other Montenegrin resorts, as well as the cost of food.

The Canj resort in Montenegro is not yet very popular among citizens of other countries coming to this country, including Russians, but it is one of the most budget-friendly types of recreation on the Bar Riviera due to low prices for both accommodation and food. Even in Chan itself, they can vary by up to 50%, although luxury hotels have not yet begun to be built here due to lack of demand.

There are several more beaches in the Canj region of Montenegro (Queen’s beach, etc.), but access to them is very difficult, and you can get there either by your own motor boat or by a boat that carries ordinary passengers.

Apart from the beaches and clean warm air, there are no other attractions here, so for shopping you need to go by car or bus to Sutomorje, Petrovac or Bar, from which the resort village of Canj is located at a distance of 6, 11 and 14 kilometers, respectively.

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